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March 13, 2013

bullshitOvercast and quiet this early Wednesday morning here on California’s north coast — either low clouds or high fog, I can’t tell the difference only that there’s no stars in sight.
And this the middle of the fabled work-week and a lot of garbage has piled up by now. The first two days is for toilet training.

As this no-longer new year moves along, the frost bite of intolerable, bi-polar US politics keeps keeping the DC Villagers full of their own shit, and leaves the rest of us to double-time the toilet paper. Yesterday, one of the great turds to emerge most-recently in US politics this side of Sarah Palin, little tweep and nasal-neck Paul Ryan, became a high-news target. He and his fellow Republicans have a great memory loss about what happened when America went into the ballot booths last fall, and the end result.
(Illustration found here).

These guys do not have an ounce of compassion and the tiniest-little feeling for anyone other than the folks who actually run them.
Ryan’s new federal budget outline is still under the guise/catch-phrase, “die quickly.”

One obnoxious asshole, Ryan uplifted the GOP budget proposal yesterday and it’s really the same old shit from last year.
But the little snipe-head did say this, letting down the Republican Guard:“We believe that this law is going to collapse under its own weight… This to us is something that we’re not going to give up on, because we’re not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American people,” he said during a news conference to unveil his latest budget plan. “We want to prevent this law, which we really do believe will do great damage to families and the health care system in America.”
My underline for added emphasis.

Dana Milbank at the Washington Post Post write this about the Ryan bullshit:

There are so many blanks in Ryan’s budget that it could be a Mad Libs exercise.
But this is not a game.
It’s black-box budgeting — an expression of lofty aims, with binders full of magic asterisks in lieu of specific cuts to government benefits.
If this were a fitness plan, Ryan, a former personal trainer, would be telling Americans that under his revolutionary program, they could lose 50 pounds in 10 weeks without dieting or working out.

Rachel Maddow added the reminder about what happened last November and the lack of memory cells (via Mediaite): “Republicans have seen how this movie ends. Really, really recently. They have responded by casting themselves in the sequel.”

In eye contact – shortformblog did have this comment: We’re gonna be talking about this for a bit even if it doesn’t happen, so we might as well get acquainted. At least Ryan used a pleasant body copy font on his budget plan so it’s easy to read even if it pisses you off.

And exact opposite to the reality of sight and smell.
This can’t be right because a shitload of people would have lived life a bit different — via Raw Story:

Though power may be “the ultimate aphrodisiac,” being the underdog could make others view you as being more physically attractive.
“Despite theory and research suggesting a ubiquitous attraction to winners, we propose that people are, at times, attracted to disadvantage,” Kenneth S. Michniewicz and Joseph A. Vandello of the University of South Florida explained in their study, which was published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.
For their study, 82 single male and female college students in the United States viewed a mock job application for a middle-school teacher and were then shown a photograph of the applicant’s face.
The female participants viewed the job application of a man, while the male participants viewed the job application of a woman

The study suggests that notions of fairness play a role in people’s judgment of potential dating partners.
Those of high status only seem more desirable if they are personally responsible for their success.
Meanwhile, those who owe their high status to another person are seen as both less desirable and less attractive than those who are unfairly disadvantaged.

And finally this Wednesday — do we Americans just eat anything?
From the Guardian:

Two food bloggers from North Carolina have gathered more than 200,000 signatures in an effort to persuade food giant Kraft to remove two chemical food dye additives from the mac’n’cheese packaged meals that it sells in America.

“We have been surprised by the response.
A week ago right now we had not even launched it, and now the amount of support it has got has taken us back,” said Leake, 35. Hari, 33, added that they had singled out Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in order to highlight a wider issue of how ingredients banned elsewhere in the world could be found in use in food products in the United States.
“We wanted to educate the American consumer and let them know what is in their food. We just picked an iconic food product to really get that message across,” she said.
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese certainly fits that bill.
The famous blue box – and the bright yellow cheesy pasta dish that it contains – have been a staple of American and Canadian meal times for decades.
But Hari and Leake’s petition points out the targeted ingredients in the American version have been banned in countries such as Norway and Austria amid claims that they can cause cancer or hyperactivity in children.
A report by the Center for Science in the Public Interest has previously recommended removing Yellow #6 from the domestic market.

I’ve fed my kids tons of that shit — sound familiar?

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