March 21, 2013

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and guns: “I believe that if everybody had guns, then there would be fewer guns in the stores.”

(Illustration found here).

The interview with Fey came this week from Inside The Actors Studio, hosted by James Lipton on Bravo (my excerpt via Mediaite), and most-assuredly reflects in a most-hilarious way the total disconnect the right wing of US politics has on reality of life.
And, of course, this level of determined fantasy really started in earnest full-steam with the introduction of Sarah Palin onto the US political landscape in 2008 (thank-you, John McCain!) and from there to here, political types can now say about anything and get away with it.
Even stuff obvioulsy bullshit — case in point is notorious fact-fucker, Michele Bachmann, and her fact-less blubbering at the CPAC square-fest over last weekend and some repercussions.
Via yesterday’s Minnapolis StarTribune:

By Tuesday morning, the Washington Post had run two Fact Checker columns granting her a total of eight “Pinocchios” — four for her claim that 70 percent of food stamp money goes to “bureaucrats,” and four more for her claim that President Obama’s White House has a $1.4 billion a year budget full of “perks and excess.”
Then, on Wednesday, CNN was still running footage of Bachmann’s run-in with correspondent Dana Bash (well, the interview was conducted at a brisk walk as Bash chased Bachmann down a hall).
So much for a new low-profile.
On Tuesday, the encounter had become a long episode on Anderson Cooper 360’s Keeping Them Honest feature, complete with video of Bash trying to get Bachmann to explain her assertions about chefs on Air Force One, a pair of First Family movie projectionists, and a taxpayer-funded walker for the First Dog.
All of these, apparently, are standard operating procedure, no matter who occupies the White House.
(One study found that the Bush administration spent more, and the dog walker is the White House gardener, who has walked dogs for past administrations as well).
The issues of White House perks and wasteful spending were part of Bachmann’s longer reprise of GOP criticism of Obama’s handling of the Benghazi attacks in September that left four Americans dead.
Obama was “AWOL” during the incident, Bachmann charged.
Benghazi has become a pretty well-worn line of attack since the presidential election.
Bash apparently wanted to ask Bachmann about her sensational new allegations about the president.
“The big point of the speech was about Benghazi,” a visibly annoyed Bachmann told the reporter, who was visibly struggling to match Bachmann’s rapid pace.
“You want to talk about dog handlers?”
Bash, taken aback, protested, “But congresswoman, you’re the one who brought it up…”

CNN has footage and a discussion of the incident here. Reporter Bash reflected the CPAC theme for Republicans was to be “provocative.”
No shit Sherlock!
However, it’s really provocative without proof.

On Tuesday, Paul Harris with the UK’s Guardian took a trip into the media-sense of the modern Republican view as seen through silted eyeballs of the recent CPAC circus.
Money quotes:

That attitude explains a lot about the disconnect between the extremes of the GOP and the world as experienced by most Americans.
It is an attitude reinforced by a vast ecosystem of conservative media in the form of blogs, books and radio shows – and, of course Fox News – that allows the right-wing to create its own alternative world where outlandish opinions are common place.
At the conservative gathering CPAC last week the enormity of this media world was remarkable.
The hall was packed with talk radio shows, conservative publishers and authors signing their latest books, many of which were bestsellers.
This is a world where it is seriously believed that the United Nations is trying to take over the US, and Obama is a Kenyan socialist, an Islamist, a Marxist or the biological son of communist-sympathiser Frank Marshall Davis.
This is a world where Obama wants to take away all guns, where he has dictatorial powers worthy of an emperor and where the US media is a liberal conspiracy pushing abortions and being gay.
This is the world where Glenn Beck, former Fox TV host turned popular publisher of The Blaze website, is hugely powerful and shock jock Rush Limbaugh is king.

No wonder some GOP members cannot tell fact from fiction.
This is a party whose right-wing is gripped in the embrace of its own media and vice versa.
They feed off each other, like a snake eternally eating its own tail.
For them the centrist Obama, who takes huge donations from Goldman Sachs and is a national security hardliner, is a radical socialist.
America’s booming stock market is in fact a state-run economy barely worthy of being called a Soviet Republic.
It is where the mainstream media is a vast leftist conspiracy, rather than a bland purveyor of “he said, she said” news stories.
It is an America on the verge of being forced to surrender all its guns, rather than actually owning 300m of them.
The every day reality of America, a country with very real problems (none of which involve a Marxist in the White House), does not intrude into the right’s self-reinforcing symbiotic relationship.
It does not need to.
No wonder some in the GOP think Will McAvoy is real.
Or that Friends of Hamas pays cash to Chuck Hagel.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

And these shithead liars are/will be killing us. People who are not into science can not/should not be put in charge of anything to do with critical science —  a rational person would think.

Myth is way-mightier than fact.

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