Lazarus Laughs Loud

September 22, 2013

sarah-palin_yeo-thumb1An icon of bat-shit crazy said some funny — Sarah Palin unloads advice in a fevered essay at — heart of the dark matter:

Ignore the peanut gallery pundits. They’ve written my political obituary so many times, I’m practically Lazarus.
Now they’re trying to destroy Ted Cruz. Good luck with that, you weasels.
Texans are just as tough as Alaskans.
Smaller, but just as tough.

Scary to think there’s people out there who take this woman anyway serious — Palin is a nut-job’s lowest common denominator, a dark, creepy joke without even a hint of a punchline.

(Illustration found here).

Palin just slobbers on so much about Ted Cruz, the oddness of her writing starts to shine like a flashlight in the face — reading it after a second or two makes me feel like like a dumb-ass myself, like I’m wasting what little precious time that remains on this earth with fruit-fluff bullshit.
I usually stay away from all those right-sided news outlets — they’re way-depressing. In this instance, the original read goes to Mediaite, which also in another post spotlighted Palin, Fox News and that most-wonderful Ted Cruz:

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace made the rather odd admission Sunday morning that GOP leaders had contacted him with opposition research on Ted Cruz (R-TX) ahead of the Senator’s appearance on the show, driving home just how angry Republicans were over Cruz’s defunding-Obamacare antics.

Palin near-immediatly Tweeted Fox: “Keep it TRULY fair & balanced. Release the GOP names encouraging to trash @SenTedCruz. No more anonymous sources.”

Later, on Fox in the flesh, Palin quiped: “Someday I’m going to tell America what I truly think about GOP elephants that would actually turn on a Senator who is fulfilling his campaign promises.”
She noted her father was a teacher and told him on air, “You are a teacher, and you’d never told me elephants were cannibalistic.”
And future plans:

“Ted Cruz and more of those good guys need some reinforcements in these midterm elections, to undo so much of what the Democrats are doing. I don’t know if it’ll be me.”
“I think it really takes someone who has the stomach for the patience necessary to live and delve in that cesspool that is Washington, D.C., which is quite corrupt,” she continued.
“I have young children, and I want to keep them nice and pure, if you will. And Washington, D.C. would be a very tough environment for them.”

Hard to imagine saying that shit with a straight face — laughs like that over time can cause acute pathological problems.


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