Wet and Gusty

February 8, 2015

jpeg-26Anticipation this early Sunday on California’s north coast, awaiting another river-round of rain heading our way — winds sound on the increase, indicating the first pellets aren’t too far away.
A supposedly potent storm, with wind a major factor this morning — a High Wind Hazard has been issued through tomorrow, wind gusts up to maybe 30-40 mph, coupled with potential for strong to severe thunderstorms, maybe even creating waterspouts along the shoreline, or funneling up into tornadoes over land.
Hunker down…

Yesterday, a pause in a week-long series of storm systems, we even caught some short-lived, sporadic sunshine — and although carrying a lot of wind and water, this upcoming one is forecast to be short-lived, too.

Just this (from Vladimir Nabokov): ‘“Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.”

(Illustration: ‘Dance in the Rain,’ by Soli Art, found here).

Wind has started to shudder in brief pulses — storm again!

Meanwhile, back east much-more invigorating systems have been pounding the Atlantic seaboard (via the Weather Channel): ‘Winter Storm Marcus will continue to spread snow and some ice from the eastern Great Lakes into the Northeast. Marcus is the fourth named winter storm in the U.S. in the last two weeks.’

Talkin’ about the weather ain’t just idle chatter anymore, serious business…

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