Morning Moon

April 4, 2015

bloodmoon1A few high clouds and a small bit of drifting ground fog this early Saturday on California’s north coast — a semi-clear sunrise, but this close to the Pacific Ocean’s windward ways could/will quickly alter that scenario (I betcha!) in just a short-space of awhile.
Supposedly, a nice-sized rain system due sometimes maybe this evening, or early tomorrow, throw in some possible ‘thunderstorms’ for good measure and we could see the wet stuff on-and-off until the middle of next week.

Although I did spot the moon earlier, missed the eclipse.

(Illustration found here).

In case you didn’t see/hear, there was what’s called a total lunar eclipse this morning, the whole show visible only to us Left Coasters, as sunrise spoiled the drama going eastward — supposedly starting just before 5 a.m., but lasting only five minutes. One of those, ‘snooze-you-loose’ things, literally.
I was up early enough, and popped a glance at the sky as coffee perked, a normal moon hung lowish-southwestward, but was covered by clouds a short time later, and stayed covered.

Odd, there wasn’t any single report via local news outlets about the event. Especially when there’s a decent chance of viewing it from up here in northern California, and even-more especially here on the coast, where fog keeps us from ever seeing celestial shit.
And a ‘blood moon,’ too, although the phrase “blood moon” is scientifically dumb — a phenomenon that happens every total eclipse (the red hue comes from the moon dipping into the earth’s umbra, or deepest part of the planet’s shadow),and in the case this morning, the shortest one this century.
More info at NASA (pdf).

And on into the weekend…

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