Eight Years Afterwards

April 24, 2015

header.pngSometime this morning will mark eight years since this blog — ‘Compatible Creatures‘ — appeared online, and ironically continues hopefully beyond the next typed word or two.

We entered the InterWebs early on April 24, 2007, with just two words, ‘Woo Hoo!‘ — apparently, excitedly exclaimed, though, and observed metaphorically, naive to the techno-abyss lurking in the ether, and the jaw-dropping world approaching lickety-split.

In April 2007, we had no idea there was an actual person named Sarah Palin, and of course, way-worse off afterwards. Less than a decade, but a time compressed, stretched, roiled so violently, it feels both just like yesterday, and at the same moment, a year flung so hard, and so far back in history, it somehow defies explanation.
Mainly because of 2008. — what I’d call a ‘Watershed Year.’

Anyway/anyhow, sometime later that same day, April 24, 2007, my first ‘real‘ post, simply titled for the simple-minded, ‘Word,’ which in its entirety, ran as such:

In an age where events are known so fast and everybody just about everywhere can instantly become aware of every corner of the globe even the smallest little word can carry a big weight.
And the little word here today is “palliate,” which means to try and make a wrong or an offense seem less severe, mitigate the circumstances.
And palliate is just what the Bush Black House is now doing with the announcement that Scott Bloch, Bush-appointed head of the US Office of Special Counsel, will lead a sweeping investigation into Karl Rove’s politicking with taxpayer money and breaking a ton of federal laws while doing it.
Bloch himself was recently investigated by the IG of the Office of Personnel Management for pushing a right-wing agenda down the throats of federal employees.
So all Bloch is doing is an obvious attempt to try and bury Rove’s political wrongdoing by creating and intense investigation and then, By Golly, there was no indication of any lawbreaking on Rove’s part.
Bush/Cheney/Rove are just trying to palliate the whole mess.
Lie, lie, and monkeys can fly.

Read the original online version, sucked-up from deep within the Creatures‘ archived bowels, right here.

And much thanks to Eric of Metzae Media for keeping the site running smooth as optic-fibered-silk the whole time.
Here’s to another eight-ball in the far-whacked corner…

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