‘Hunker Down’ Weather

January 22, 2016

464_PineSome faded sunshine this mid-morning Friday on California’s north coast — the big rain forecast for last night and today is tardy, or there’s not much off it for us.
The NWS is labeling our upcoming precipitation as ‘showers‘ in forecasts, but you know, there’s actual ‘rain‘ in there someplace, as we’re expected to receive 1-to-3 inches of the wet stuff along the shoreline, along with a couple feet of snow for the northern Sierra Nevada.

A big-type storm with gusty winds — maybe 40 mph — to curdle the rain…

(Illustration: ‘Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay,’ by F.H. Varley, found here).

This is by-far the wettest season since the way-wet winter of 2007-2008, my first here on the north coast — highlights included the January 2008 Western North American storm complex, which beat the weather-shit out of the whole West Coast, from Canada to Mexico.
And this year, we’re already way-better than 2014. According to the NWS rain totals for December, we received nearly 19 inches of rain last month, while the year before, less than 10 — a humongous difference.
Influenced by the famous-fabled El Niño, we should continue our ‘conveyor-belt’ rain storms for a few weeks yet.

Odd the weather, too, with a long-range look from AccuWeather Chief Long Range Meteorologist Paul Pastelok: ‘“During the first half of February, the western United States will trend colder than average, while the East begins to warm up.”

Not fast enough for the central Atlantic coast — back there right now they’re getting ready for one, unprecedented, whacked-explosive snow storm to wallop the region this afternoon. Thick snow 1-to-3-inches an hour could fall for 24 hours or more in some spots, and be supplemented by strong, gusty winds, and even white-out conditions. Accordingly, the storm, dubbed by The Weather Channel as ‘Jonas,’ will effect about 85 million people, or about one out of every four Americans,
Via Phys.org this morning:

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser asked residents to “hunker down” and “shelter in place” until the storm has passed, probably sometime Sunday.
The snow was expected to start falling on the capital between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., a little earlier than previously forecast.
“The forecast does not show any evidence of lightening up,” she said, stressing the “life and death implications.”

Even the head honcho: ‘White House spokesman Josh Earnest said President Barack Obama would hunker down at the White House.’

Meanwhile, out here on the Left Coast’s most-northern shore is a quiet, near-balmy sensation, waiting…

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