Old Age Boom-Boomer

April 15, 2016

495cb3e60a8a4a8fabb58191d95c3ac2Sunshine here this early Friday afternoon on California’s north coast, a startling-bright tempered by a slightly-chilled ocean breeze — wondrous weather, and supposedly will continue until Tuesday, when the NWS says we might get a ‘Slight Chance Showers.’
Smooth sailing until then — Right!

Sarcastic statistics — especially for old folks of my peculiar-particular age group. Eileen Crimmins, USC professor at the Davis School of Gerontology: ‘“There are a number of indications that the Baby Boomer generation that is now reaching old age is not seeing improvements in health similar to the older groups that went before them.”

(Illustration: Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Old Man in Sorrow (On the Threshold of Eternity),‘ found here).

We’re living longer, but suffer for it. A new USC-led study, led by Prof. Crimmins, researched US disability rates and life expectancy over a 40-year period and found average lifespans increased for men and women, but not without some breakage (via EurekAlert yesterday): ‘The study found increased longevity is not necessarily indicative of good health. Most age groups live longer with a disability or other health problem.’
Further findings in the report:

The average lifespan for men increased by 9.2 years to 76.2 years, the researchers found.
The number of years they live with a disability increased by 4.7 years while the number of years spent disability-free increased by 4.5 years.
For women, the average lifespan increased by 6.4 years to 81 years.
The number of years that women spend with a disability increased by 3.6 years, exceeding the increase in women’s disability-free life (2.7 years).
“The smaller increase in healthy life than in total life for women was surprising and another indication that American women have not done as well as American men in terms of improving health in recent decades,” Crimmins said.

Boomers maybe the dumbest generation, the wool covered just about all our eyes…

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