Tri-Counties Glitch in the Matrix

April 19, 2016

Dali_Head_1951Sunshine and warm this early Tuesday afternoon on California’s north coast — supposedly the same the next couple of days, maybe rain by Friday.

An odd incident earlier, and not very assuring either — my bank (once North Valley, now Tri-Counties) here in Mckinleyville, experienced some type exploding thingy.
Apparently, the glitch widespread — via Lost Coast Outpost a short while ago: ‘But Rick Smith, the bank’s president, said that everything should be coming back shortly. The problem, Smith said, was a catastrophic power failure at the bank’s datacenter in Chico this morning. When he spoke to the Outpost a few minutes ago, Smith said that the power situation had been resolved and systems were slowly starting to come back online.’

(Illustration: Salvador Dali’s ‘Tête Raphaëlesque éclatée [Exploding Raphaelesque Head],’ found here).

Weird part was the glitch caused some security concerns, or something.
When I arrived at the bank, the front door was locked. At first, I looked for a notice posted somewhere, there was none, then tried to figure out if today was some freaking bank holiday.
In the midst of accelerating confusion, this young bank guy suddenly appeared and unlocked the door. Explaining in as few words as possible, he said due to ‘mutter-mutter’ they were allowing only one customer at a time inside the bank. Since I couldn’t understand his mutterings, I just responded with some innocuous retort of  ‘computer’ problem, huh?
The kid smiled: “Yeah, that’s it exactly.”

WTF — the bank lobby smelled of a crime scene. I think too much NCIS via George Orwell…

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