Unfavorable Deplorable Anus

January 3, 2017

Rain, and more rain this early Tuesday on California’s north coast — way-wet today and tomorrow, supposedly sunshine by Thursday.

Weathering the time, too, of shit to come, at the expense of most folks. A new poll from Gallup yesterday revealed T-Rump’s reality among US peoples:

As Donald Trump prepares to take the presidential oath on Jan. 20, less than half of Americans are confident in his ability to handle an international crisis (46-percent), to use military force wisely (47-percent) or to prevent major scandals in his administration (44-percent).

And, thusly, ‘Trump is also much less well-liked than any recent president-elect.’

No fucking mandate, for sure…

(Illustration: ‘President Trump,’ by Jonathan Bass, found here).

Disheartening, though, is the minority rules the majority, and this minority is crammed with idiots. And grifters. First act of disaster, GOP House people last night secretly voted to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics, corruption too close to home.
Despite T-Rump rumbling about the move, he did Tweet the OCE as ‘…unfair as it may be…
Asshole among assholes.

And there’s no decree from American voters to give T-Rump and his henchmen a full hand at governing. And this election wasn’t about change, either.
Paul Waldman at the Washington Post yesterday — not a ‘mandate,’ or really, anything else:

Nevertheless, Republicans believe they have a mandate for wholesale, dramatic change.
Which is why it’s important to keep in mind that despite what everyone seems to think, 2016 was not really a “change” election, and that’s not just because the outgoing president is extremely popular and his chosen successor got almost 3 million more votes than the person who’ll be in the Oval Office.
If 2016 was really a “change” election, you would have seen incumbents at all levels defeated as voters opted for something new.
Or if it were a “change” election specifically aimed at ousting Democrats and bringing about a new era of Republican rule, you would have seen many Democrats defeated.
But neither of those things happened.
In the House, only one incumbent Democrat was beaten by a Republican, while six incumbent Republicans lost to Democrats.
Ninety-six percent of the seats stayed with the same party that held them before the election.
In the Senate, all of the incumbent Democrats won, while two incumbent Republicans lost.
Only one incumbent governor was defeated, Republican Pat McCrory of North Carolina.
There wasn’t much change in state legislatures around the country either: Republicans took control of three chambers, while Democrats also took control of three chambers.

And the asshole effect does ring true. Even medically — Bob Weidman at HuffPost, also from yesterday, compares our situation to a colonoscopy exam, which he underwent at the end of last month. Anus is still an asshole:

As I look back at the shitshow that was 2016, and look forward to the horrors of the year to come, I can’t help but think that the Trump presidency is America’s colonoscopy.
America did what it could to prep for the election, with the deepest, darkest recesses of American shit exploding from the mouth of Donald Trump daily in wave after wave of mindless degradation, leaving us empty and void of even the slightest trace of dignity.
Soon we will arrive at the hospital that is the inauguration, where Donald Trump will begin the procedure, ramming the Trump agenda into America’s anus with the brutal force of a thousand gallons of Golytely.
Except that for this procedure, there will be no towel placed under America’s head to make us more comfortable, no Fentanyl or Versed to make America blissfully unaware, no socks left on to keep America’s feet warm and keep us from slipping.
And now we are told by America’s nurse, the media (stick with me here), that the best we can hope to do is lie back and welcome the probe.

Unfavorable, deplorable, and shitfaced…

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