‘A Level of Insanity’

November 15, 2018

Sunny but chilled by a sea breeze this Thursday late-afternoon here on California’s north coast, another day in the life.
Since the midterms, I’ve become even-more wary of the T-Rump’s mental state. Always mean, back-stabbing and cruel-crazy, as noted at the Daily Beast this morning.

Trump has repeatedly—and sometimes for a sustained period of time—made fun of Hannity’s interviewing skills, usually zeroing in on the low-quality laziness of the host’s questions, the three people with direct knowledge tell The Daily Beast.
“It’s like he’s not even trying,” Trump has said, one source recalled, right before the president launched into a rough imitation of Hannity’s voice and mannerisms to complain that the questions about how “great I am” give him nothing to work or have fun with.

One incredible, horrid asshole.
And Sean Hannity is supposedly a friend, a backer, a fellow asshole-at-arms.
Imagine what he says about those that hate him.

A way-major problem, the blathers are getting worse.
Chilling insight of the West Wing over-the-cuckoo’s nest via Gabriel Sherman at Vanity Fair yesterday evening:

“This is a level of insanity I’ve never seen before,” one former West Wing staffer told me.

But by Wednesday, after hours of commentary about the suburbs’ distaste for him and with seat after undecided House seat slipping toward the Democrats, his mood slid, too, hitting bottom in a bizarre and combative press conference.
“He was furious about the narrative.
He said, ‘Look, I went to all these states and now people are saying Trump lost the election,’” the Republican who spoke with him recalled.
Within hours, Trump forced out Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replaced him with Matt Whitaker, who’d been a frequent cable-news critic of the Robert Mueller investigation.
Next, Trump directed his press office to revoke CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press pass, something he’d wanted to do for months but had been talked out of by aides.
“This is a matter of the president now being on his own without any countervailing force whatsoever,” a person close to Trump said.
“It’s just 100 percent Donald Trump doing what Donald Trump

One Republican briefed on the internal discussions said the real reason Trump did not want to go was because there would be no tent to stand under.
“He was worried his hair was going to get messed up in the rain,” the source said.
“[John] Bolton and everyone was telling him this was a big mistake.”
A former administration official said Trump hates being outside in wet conditions.
“What I honestly think? He woke up and said, ‘It’s pouring rain. This is a joke and I’m not doing this.’”

Fear of Trump’s rage has spread throughout the Cabinet.
According to one Republican, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has told people he’s afraid to visit the White House because he doesn’t want to be fired.

All the appearances of an Aaron Sorkin-Tim Burton collaboration, a catastrophic event pending an idiotic move from a cruel, nasty imbecile. Charles P. Pierce at Esquire today summed it up:

There is, however, a sense of something big suddenly Closer Than It Appears in the White House side-mirrors.
And the new members of the House are going to have to get comfortable with the fact that history is going to be dropped on them in one big and unwieldy lump as soon as they’re all sworn in.
They may have come to Washington to work on infrastructure or education or healthcare or the opioid epidemic, but confronting a renegade profiteer (and, very likely, criminal) president* is going to tie up a great deal of their first term in Congress.
Because the president* is losing it bigly, and because Bob Mueller, with no expression on his face, is reaching across his desk for another file.

Just when you figured it couldn’t get more-weird, more shitty…

(Illustration above: ‘Donald Trump,’ by Adam Khabibi, found here).

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