Lying to the Living

December 3, 2018

Cold and dark this Monday evening on California’s north coast — although sunny most of the day, the late-afternoon got cloudy and deep gray — not abnormal around here for just about anytime of the year.
All-in-all a depressing period — winter…

And today marked another start to the work week, and along with that bit of normalcy, the continuance of our psycho-insane era of the T-Rump. Right now he’s bitterly shadowed by the death of HW Bush, and the notable realization maybe a life of cruelty, graft and corruption might be approaching judgment.
Maybe Republicans in general might even be in for some serious whacking

Wild-eyed Congress newcomer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, proved again today why lying shit pitched by GOPers could be slapped right-back into their faces, an unsettling, unfamiliar situation. Getting good at her job already, she tweeted back at former Gov. Mike Huckabee, who yesterday mocked Ocasio-Cortez as “looney” for comparing her election to the moon landing (Newsweek):

She also aimed a barb at Huckabee’s daughter, White House Press Secretary Huckabee Sanders—and questioned why he still uses the title ‘Governor’ on his Twitter profile.
“Leave the false statements to Sarah Huckabee. She’s much better at it.”
“Also, you haven’t been a Governor of any state for 10+ years now.”


And the death also over the weekend of HW Bush has rushed into print remarkable, uplifting odes to #41, most painted him as good guy — not.
Racist, elitist and scheming lawbreaker, HW was a turd like them all. However, never say nothing bad about the dead, though there might be some shitty parts about the time living.

However, maybe not so when the T-Rump bites the dust. Paul Campos at LawyersGuns&Money this afternoon with a marvelous, way-best scenario for a T-Rump-death afterwards story-line, and  while in passing also included the way-best living description of the cretin — ain’t pretty as Campos points out, even Hitler and Stalin had devotees:

Trump, it will turn out, was not really a conservative or even a Republican.
Therefore when he dies it won’t be necessary to pretend that he was anything other than what he is, which is to say a man without a single redeeming quality, who is no more capable of inspiring love, friendship, or even genuine loyalty than a baboon is capable of composing a sonnet cycle.

Trump, by contrast, seems to inspire nothing but loathing and contempt among anyone who has ever actually known him.
He is also remarkable in that, unlike any other American president, he managed to ascend to the office without possessing a single virtue of any sort.
To reference only the most recent examples among the progenitors of American Fascism Lite, Nixon was intelligent, Reagan was genial and appeared to actually love his second wife, Bush 41 was personally courageous, Bush 43 isn’t personally racist (OK I’m stretching now), etc.
The point being that the tradition of not speaking ill of the dead requires finding some non-facially preposterous good thing to say about the departed.

Mind-blowing how one of the most-loathsome, detestable human-beings ever to walk the earth was elected to the most-important job on earth — truly WTF?

Meanwhile the living T-Rump is causing great harm to a lot of areas, in a lot of places, from stability of the Constitution and democratic government, to the environment and climate change, even down to sweet mary jane.
Although Jeff Sessions is history — “good people don’t smoke marijuana” — the lies flourish.
Today at Esquire, a look at the lying done to marijuana  off T-Rump’s most-favorite TV show, Fox and Friends.
On the show this morning, Sheriff Grady Judd of Florida, who spouted-off pure,100-percent bullshit on pot, even claiming weed was “killing people every day across the United States,” and used by meth addicts to help “kill themselves, or overdose, or kill someone else.”
And like the T-Rump, not a shred of evidence.
A reality pop is required like old-man Huckleberry above::

To someone like the sheriff, though, these results are a sign drug prohibition is effective.
Perhaps it’s effective if your goal is something other than saving and bettering people’s lives.
When you’ve come to a conclusion — that criminalization and crackdowns are the solution — and are looking for evidence to support it, you end up in some unfortunate places.
That’s why Judd has to insist marijuana is addictive (this is extremely rare), that it’s a gateway drug (this is not supported by the evidence, and overdoses fell in areas where it was legalized), and somehow conflate marijuana and meth use.
No honest person who has used marijuana would put it on the same continent as meth, or heroin, or cocaine.
The science indicates it is safer than tobacco or alcohol.
There are zero recorded cases of someone dying from a marijuana overdose.
In 1988, a DEA judge suggested a user would have to ingest around 1,500 pounds of marijuana within 15 minutes to reach toxic levels.

The last one there a way-way-heady bong hit…

(Illustration out front: ‘Pinocchio,’ by Enrico Mazzanti (1852-1910), found here).

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