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  1. April 26, 2016 at 4:53 am

    Hi Bruce,

    I know you probably get tons of emails everyday about your website, so I’ll keep this super short.

    I was looking at your site, and I found this article:

    discussing how to stop caring what other people think, which I really enjoyed reading.

    I have noticed that this topic is increasingly popular among people trying to escape from the pain of feeling overly concerned about what other people think, but I am worried that some people might take it too far.

    In fact, there is a great body of research (I have background in psychology research) revealing how we can get into an ugly feedback loop of pushing other people farther and farther away despite getting lonelier and lonelier.

    I am afraid that some lonely and disconnected people will keep trying harder to stop caring what other people think when what they really need is to develop a few key, nurturing relationships and to stop caring with the CROWD thinks.

    In any case, I’ve prepared a research-backed yet simple to read article about this topic, and I was wondering, would you like to check it out?

    I want to get the word out about this alternative way to stop feeling lonely and very sensitive to the pain of being perceived negatively by others.

    In any case, keep up the great work on your blog.

    A fan,
    ~Katharine Di Cerbo

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