Fevered Friday

November 30, 2012

Best quote in awhile — Porn actress Nina Hartley’s comment upon meeting major hypocritical shithead John Hagee: “I wasn’t sure I’d encountered firsthand the banality of evil, but I’d gotten a solid dose of the evils of banality.”

Quiet and warm this early Friday on California’s northern coast, but the softness of the environment is only a respite from the traveling spade of storms churning against us right now.
We didn’t get any record rainfalls, although yesterday the water was near-literally coming down in sheets — Crescent City, just north of us, reported breaking a 20-year record by more than half-an-inch.
And more is expected through the weekend.

Big cities are shitsville in bad weather — Bob Benjamin, with the National Weather Service, and San Francisco’s situation: “The commute looks pretty ugly. If you have an option of working from home, that’s a good option — probably not a good time to run down and do your Christmas shopping.”

(Illustration: Pablo Picasso’s ‘Tete d’homme du XVIIeme siecle,’ found here).

And the whole weather shebang is just going to get worse — oh, yeah, for right now it’s a gonna rain like shit all weekend, and then it gets bad.
Not just California, but all of humanity — yikes!
From US News and World Report:

Scientists warned Thursday that the Earth has already missed time windows that would allow humans to reverse global warming and could be quickly approaching several others.
According to the study, published in the journal Science, an economically feasible plan to cut emissions in time to prevent a 1.5 degree C global temperature increase has already passed.
By 2027, it may be impossible to prevent a 2 degree increase, says Thomas Stocker, of the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change in Bern, Switzerland.

“There’s always room for dreaming, but if you really look at it, the sheer scale of the problem is such that there are very few options here other than coming back to the root problem of emissions,” he says.
“I don’t think we have the luxury to wait for decades.
We first knew about this problem two decades ago.
If we brought down our emissions then, these targets would be much easier to achieve.”

Yeah, always room for dreaming.
Maybe like whathisname, yeah, Mitt Romney, when he visited the White House yesterday for lunch with the president re-elect.
According to the Washington Post: On Thursday, the defeated Republican presidential candidate was driven up in a black sport-utility vehicle, greeted outside the gate by a heckler who yelled at him through the passenger-side window.
After lunch, a photo: In the picture, the two men are looking into each other’s eyes, their right hands engaged in a firm grip.
And this: “They pledged to stay in touch,” the White House said.
What bullshit!

Paul Constant at The Stranger translates: “Let’s stay in touch, particularly if opportunities to work together on shared interests arise in the future” is the new “fuck you, you fucking fuck.”

The entire Republican party is nothing more than a big-bunch of fucking fucks.

Ms Hartley the porn star knows — she met Preacher-man Hagee at an evangelical event in Beverly Hills last summer when she punked the nit-twit by subtly crashing the show.

As she says:

“Pornhounds know no party or religious affiliation,” Hartley explains.
“But if any of the attendees recognized me, they kept mum about it in this setting.
The ability to compartmentalize seems to be the hallmark of ideologues everywhere. I guess it spares them potentially lethal attacks of cognitive dissonance.”

“This was the intolerant bigot who preaches that global warming is a hoax, blames natural disasters on gays, condemns other religions and regularly scoffs at women’s rights,” Hartley observes. “I smiled sweetly, extended my hand and asked him if he’d be so kind as to sign my book.”
“I briefly considered flashing my boobs,” she concludes.
“But the truth is, I’m not that kind of lady.”

Whoa, but be careful, he’s most-likely that kind of guy.

Fevered weekend coming too fast.

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