Crazy like a Crazy

September 19, 2013

psychiatry-couch2Overcast and damp this Thursday morning on California’s north coast as we cruise on toward the weekend — now closer than it was yesterday!

And yesterday’s gone — a loss of history, boxer Ken Norton, great of the 1970s and the only guy on earth who broke Ali’s jaw, has died at age 70. Norton was more than just good in the ring, he appeared good out of it, too.
George Foreman Tweeted on Wednesday: “They called us all handsome. Muhammad they called pretty. But The fairest of them all Ken Norton.”
Along with Ali, Norton was always the guy to watch.

And with Norton gone, who’s the fairest now?

(Illustration found here).

Not one single asshole that I know of, and that’s covering a lot of assholes.
The last few weeks/months have not been pretty for President Obama, from the Sandy Hook massacre last December, the IRS/Benghazi bullshit, the Associated Press-journalism smack-down, onto to the Eddie Snowden revelations and the not-bombing Syria whiplash, Obama is in a slippery slope downward.
In all the travails so far this year, Obama is becoming more and more unpopular — in the the latest from RealClearPolitics and the average of more than a dozen polls (Gallup, Pew, Rasmussen, etc) shows job disapproval to be more than 50 percent (Fox News, natch, higher at 54 percent), and what’s worse, others around him are more popular.
John Kerry and Joe Biden are ‘Liked’ better: Kerry, the former senator from Massachusetts, has a 60 percent of people who approve of his work versus 31 percent who don’t. Biden’s numbers are lower, with just 51 percent approving and 39 percent disapproving of his work.

And there’s even worse shit coming, like a government shutdown, for instance.

And on the bat-shit crazy side of our example of Constitutional bullshit,Gail Collins at the New York Times says Republicans are way-way-out there:

On Wednesday, leaders of the House of Representatives announced their plans for a 42nd and 43rd vote to thwart the new health care reform law.
If they don’t get their way, they’re threatening to defund the government and crack the debt ceiling.
“The law is a train wreck,” said Speaker John Boehner.
The majority leader, Eric Cantor, said someone had to protect middle-class families from “its horrific effects.”
The arrival of Obamacare is worse than an invasion of giant zombies swinging nuclear-tipped crocodiles!
Yet it lives!
If only we lived in a country where citizens had the power to turn things around by voting lawmakers out of office. Like Uruguay or Latvia.

So, the message is clear.
The new health care law is going to be terrible, wreaking havoc on American families, ruining their lives.
And they are going to love it so much they will never have the self-control necessary to give it up.

Prospect of the end game is so shitty, even the fringe-ass capitalists at the US Chamber of Commerce wants the GOP to stand down, or stand-off, or at least act with some sense.
According to Chamber President R. Bruce Josten: “It is not in the best interest of the U.S. business community or the American people to risk even a brief government shutdown that might trigger disruptive consequences or raise new policy uncertainties washing over the U.S. economy.”
Feces floats…

And it’s the day at the liquor store I manage — payday!
No one is bat-shit crazy with a paycheck in hand.

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