T-Rump A-coming — ‘Collective Toes Have Curled’

January 18, 2017

Heavy rain and gusty winds this early Wednesday on California’s north coast — supposedly, we could get 2-inches of rainfall today.

On Sunday, the Times of London published T-Rump’s first interview with a Brit newspaper — here a source-creation of way-high anxiety (HuffPost):

“I don’t want it to be a disruption — I love the world, I want the world to be good but we can’t go — I mean look at what’s happening to our country — we are $20 trillion — we don’t know what we’re doing — our military is weak — we’re in wars that never end, we’re in Afghanistan now 17 years, they told me this, really — 17 years, it’s the longest war we’ve ever been in.”

A babbling idiot, soon to be president of the USA.

One, long-disjointed sentence of incoherent prattle, a harbinger of the nightmare coming…

(Illustration: Artwork by illustrator and portrait painter, Tim O’Brien, found here).

In two days, a horrible known unknown will take place, the event more a time warp sucked through a wormhole than anything else — Trump’s inaugural.
Of which, business as unusual — via Vanity Fair on Monday:

In an interview with The Times of London, Trump explained that though he officially takes the oath of office Friday, he doesn’t technically consider that his first day.
It’s a Friday.
There are a ton of celebrations that weekend.
Don’t be so uncivilized.
“One of the first orders I’m gonna sign—day one—which I will consider to be Monday as opposed to Friday or Saturday. Right?” Trump said when responding to a question about Brexit.
“I mean my day one is gonna be Monday because I don’t want to be signing and get it mixed up with lots of celebration.”

And that Times interview was fucked — the MSM carried one version, general talk on T-Rump’s views on NATO, Angela Merkel, Brexit, and whatnot. If you half-ass follow events, you’ve read about it already. And via the HuffPost link above, there was an unedited one, which showed T-Rump’s pure arrogant-ignorance.

This question: As a successful businessman, do you trust the European currency?
And the answer:

Well, it’s doing OK.
I mean, you know. What do you trust?
I trust the dollar, I’m gonna trust the dollar a lot more in four years than I do now, but sure I mean it’s a currency, it’s fine.
But I do think keeping it together is not gonna be as easy as a lot of people think.
And I think this, if refugees keep pouring into different part of Europe.
I think it’s gonna be very hard to keep it together cause people are angry about it.

Once again, WTF?

The guys interviewing T-Rump was Michael Gove from the Times, and Kai Diekmann, former chief editor of the German newspaper Bild.
Gove is a former UK Tory minister, and apparently greatly-disliked in the UK.

A sample from the Independent, also on Monday:

Of course, well done to The Times for getting the scoop, and well done too for sending Michael Gove, given the two men’s intellectual alliance on Brexit.
And Gove’s sycophancy in the interview itself is admirable in its way.
It’s a written interview.
There’s no point acting like Jeremy Paxman.
There will be no picture to paint a thousand words when your subject doesn’t have an answer — just a blank page staring back at you.
That Michael Gove was still suffering the after-effects of Trump’s “charisma” when he arrived on the Good Morning Britain sofa this morning is more curious, however.
That the racist, Muslim-banning, disabled-mocking, pussy-grabbing soon to be leader of the free world was, in person, “warm” and “electric” may not come as reassurance to whatever small percentage of the population is still vainly holding on to some sort of old-fashioned distinction between right and wrong.

And this from the Mirror:

The internet’s collective toes have curled after grinning Michael Gove posed for a ‘thumbs-up’ with Donald Trump.
Twitter users and politicians mercilessly mocked the Tory MP’s ‘fan photo’ — taken as he bagged an exclusive interview with the President-elect.
The debate turned angry as they pointed out how he had posed right in front of a copy of Playboy magazine.
Mr Gove had his impartiality questioned, was compared to a puppet and was branded an “embarrassment”.
Journalistic convention is not to pose for pleased-as-punch photos with one’s subject, but Mr Gove blew this out the water.

The newspaper also printed ‘…the best of the mockery pointed at the Tory MP,’ from various media around the UK.
Read it all — hilarious.

And this insightful aside into our next president, leader of the free world — via the Guardian, and Gove himself on Monday interviewed on UK’s Radio 4’s Today program:

Realising she wasn’t going to get anything intelligent out of Gove on trade deals, Montague moved on.
Why hadn’t he asked Trump any difficult questions?
“That’s easy,” replied Gove.
“One of the things about Donald Trump is he doesn’t like people asking him any questions.”
It was now becoming clear why the Don had chosen Mikey to interview him.
The man who didn’t want to be asked any questions would be interrogated by the man who wouldn’t ask any.
“A question is just a a prompt to the next flow of rhetoric and information,” Mikey continued, hoping this would do as an explanation for his own shortcomings.

America, the UK, the rest of the whole, wide world — we be fucked…

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