Rain Again, Again

January 31, 2017

Gray-overcast and chilly this Tuesday morning on California’s north coast — sunshine now only a memory, tucked-away, never to return for most-likely a good-week or more.
Damp ground fog earlier, but mostly already burned-off, leaving a wisp of moist in the air.
Supposedly, a good-sized storm due in tomorrow evening, and could dump a semi-load of rain on us through Friday, when again-supposedly another wet-front maybe on Saturday or Sunday will arrive to our shores.

According at least to the NWS‘ little ‘Weather Story‘ this AM:

Widespread rain will return to northwest California Wednesday and continue through Friday night. High elevation snow will also be possible in Trinity County. Winds gusting to 40-50 mph are likely along exposed ridges in Del Norte, Humboldt, and Mendocino Counties.

Although rain is sorely needed, this year’s near continuous cycle of way-wet storms has a bit frazzled the nerves — toss in T-Rump and you’ve crept into breakdown country. Yet precipitation-wise, California has come a long way in a short period to really sock it to the drought.
Last Thursday, the US Drought Monitor chart revealed the state had no areas of exceptional drought — a big change in just a year.
Yet one wet day doesn’t offset weeks and weeks of dry, even record-setting snowfall along with the gushing rivers won’t end it for good.
Via SFGate yesterday, and Noah Molotch, research scientist at the NASA Laboratory and director of the University of Colorado’s Center for Water, Earth Science and Technology:

The problem, Molotch said, is that California pumped huge amounts of groundwater to keep people and crops hydrated during the drought, depleting what is essentially a water savings account.
“It’s pretty clear that we aren’t going to be able to put water back into that savings account as fast as we were able to take it out,” he said.
“For three weeks’ worth of snowfall it was pretty amazing, so there is reason for optimism, but one snowy winter will not be able to reverse multiple years of drought.”

So of an odd-reverse on the horrifying T-Rump phenomena — how quick can he end the complete American experience, undoing 240-plus years in hours…

(Illustration above: ‘Rain,’ by Brad Sharp, found here).

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