Denny Crane has Mad Cow

May 29, 2019

Overcast and gray this Wednesday evening here on California’s north coast — nice dog run about mid-day at Little River Beach, even experienced a bit of sunshine, which later evaporated into the color ash.

Once again, to the left, my favorite pug-side-mug-shot of the T-Rump, titled ‘Basic Shapes,‘ by caricaturist/illustrator Chong Jit Leong (found here), and it nails the basics of the orange-coated turd — bloated with nefarious and arrogant ugliness.

First post in nearly a week.
Lately, finding it hard to get into the mood, even have a desire to sit down for a few minutes and write.

Shit-dog, not for lack of something to write about — we’re in some kind of perfect-storm of a cluster-fuck, and apparently the chaos is getting worse, and, in so many different categories. Climate, government, elsewhere.
Yet it sometimes becomes so demoralizing, and depressive (word!) and I don’t seem able, or willing, to discipline myself to the laptop. Sadly, seemingly I’d rather binge-watch ‘Boston Legal,’ and what a strange, twisted show — never, ever enjoyed James Spader before, and William Shatner chews up the scenery. Not to mention Candice Bergen.

Today maybe, the shit from Bob Mueller will hopefully create some optimism.
The big shit, however, is in the wide, wide world of a lying con game.
The basics of the GOP tax scam, via New York Magazine this morning:

The Congressional Research Service, a kind of in-house think tank for Congress, has a new paper analyzing the effects of the Trump tax cuts.
It finds that none of those secondary effects have materialized.
Growth has not increased above the pre-tax-cut trend.
Neither have wages.
After a brief and much smaller than expected bump, repatriated corporate cash from abroad has leveled off.

Supporters of the Trump tax cuts insisted not only that they would promote growth, but that they would promote so much growth the measure would pay for itself.
Even moderates like Susan Collins repeated assurances by the party’s pseudo-economists that the plan would not increase the deficit.
So far, the growth feedback from the tax cuts has made up about 5-percent of the plan’s revenue loss, a mere 95-percent shy of the predictions.

Nothing to nothing — maybe more writing tomorrow, as hope springs…what?

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