T-Rump: ‘I tested very positively in another sense this morning’

May 21, 2020

Early-afternoon Thursday here in California’s Central Valley. Warm, but not bad with a gentle, cool breeze which keeps the air pleasant and comfortable. We can feel the summer coming, though.
Forecast for the next 90 days or so plays out first warmer (today), hot (next week) and then hotter (next month).
No shock.

Also shouldn’t be a shock — how stupid, lazy and ignorant the T-Rump. You wonder how the shit he made it this far, even as a grifter he’s an idiot, and not for his soulless, amoral attitude for everything/everybody he couldn’t function as a ditch digger.
And he’s the nastiest kind of idiot, he doesn’t give a fat-rat’s ass.

Today he revealed it once again, the T-Rump just can’t understand words, how they fit together and assembled into some kind of understandable order. Indeed, he opens mouth and proves he’s ‘positively stupid:’

Some further details via BuzzFeed this afternoon:

President Donald Trump shared some positive news on Thursday: His coronavirus test was positive…meaning it was negative…or, in his words, “positively toward the negative.”

Did you get that?

“I tested very positively in another sense this morning,” Trump told reporters outside the White House on his way to Michigan.

“I tested positively toward negative, right?”

“I tested perfectly this morning,” he continued. “Meaning I tested negative.”

“But that’s a way of saying it: positively toward the negative,” he said.

Trump’s confusing answer came in response to a question about whether he was still taking the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine in an attempt to protect himself from COVID-19.

In respect to the T-Rump’s asylum-level brain and its non-function is a good, explanation piece today at The Week (h/t Digby), which includes this note:

Trump’s former National Economic Council director Gary Cohn allegedly wrote in an email, “Trump won’t read anything — not one-page memos, not the brief policy papers; nothing. He gets up halfway through meetings with world leaders because he is bored.”

The only information that interests Trump is information that affirms his self-image.
He’s rich, handsome, and popular — that’s what he wants to hear, which is why he regularly says it himself.

Trump, we are told, processes information orally.
If you process information orally, you likely process little information.
And if you process little information, you exude even less.
Every time Trump comments on a subject, he reveals how little he knows about it.
He wondered aloud why the Civil War was fought.
He said he’s been treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated.
He didn’t know what happened at Pearl Harbor.
He’s too dumb to know he’s ignorant, and he’s too narcissistic to care.

Read the whole article, it gets into particulars on the horrible fact T-Rump doesn’t read anything, and the problems encountered by officials (national security people, mostly) to get T-Rump’s attention while also handling his petulant behavior.

We be in bad shape on many fronts, going beyond even a worldwide pandemic. All due to the T-Rump.
A for-instance, just today — (CNN): President Donald Trump confirmed the US will be exiting the Open Skies Treaty, a pact designed to reduce the risk of military miscalculations that could lead to war, and said Russia’s actions had prompted him to take the decision.
Another brick in the wall…


(Illustration: Salvador Dali’s ‘Raphaelesque Head Exploding,’ found here).

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