Emmo T-Rump the Reptilian

November 6, 2020

An anxious, nit-twitted sojourn continues for America, and into Friday evening — when will Joe Biden be declared winner? This shit has dragged on so slowly long, speeches by Joe and Kamala Harris, scheduled for tonight, seemingly have been put on hold.
Joe has outshone the T-Rump in Georgia and Pennsylvania, where red caps once lead, and it’s apparently just a matter of time before Joe is announced as new president.

The T-Rump is fucked, and trying really hard not to acknowledge he knows a shitload of people loath him.
And a great instance where a picture is worth a million-billion words:

On top of the political divisions, T-Rump is attempting to blather, huff and puff his way into a second term, but there’s no standing in the bullshit, now piled up to his fat ass. Last night, in a lying festival of lies, the T-Rump blubbered: ‘“If you count the legal votes, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us.”

Pure horse-shit with judges rejecting T-Rump-lawyers’ spin on election illegalities, and deciding it’s all empty air, bellowed from T-Rump’s bowels.
In fact, the Nevada AG said their legal standing should be placed in a dumpster: ‘“This six-page complaint they filed late last night is, in a word: garbage,” Attorney General Aaron Ford said on “CBS This Morning” Friday. “It just goes to show the last-ditch efforts these guys are going to go to to try and derail this election to their benefit.”

Although the big play for T-Rump’s side is from his brain-dead cult, maybe any kind of transfer of power, governmental misdirection is hopefully slim, to none. There’s going to be some rough shit ahead, but not from a ‘coup’ standpoint.

Convervative, ant-Trumper Max Boot at The Washington Post this morning notes some comforting thoughts — incompetence favors us:

Trump’s definition of an “illegal vote,” it is clear, is one that is cast against him.
This is the kind of thing you expect to hear from Robert Mugabe, Alexander Lukashenko or Nicolás Maduro — not from the leader of a constitutional republic.
No president in our history has mounted such a blatant assault on our democracy.

Trump has, predictably, been joined in his fulminations against the election by his usual MAGA minions.
Former House speaker Newt Gingrich demands that federal agents arrest election workers, and former White House aide Sebastian Gorka fulminates that U.S. marshals “need to break down the doors of those polling stations and stop the crimes being committed.”

But, mercifully, that is not happening.
More significant than what is being said is what is not being said — or done.
So far Attorney General William P. Barr, Defense Secretary Mark Esper, and acting Homeland Security secretary Chad Wolf — the men in control of what, in other countries, are known as the “power ministries” — have not publicly said one word to support Trump’s baseless accusations of fraud and have not made any public moves to save Trump from defeat.
Trump might fire some or all of them (a purge is said to be in the works), but it’s doubtful their successors will come to his rescue either.

In the end, it will be the T-Rump alone, and the horrors in his tiny brain sparking off one another, and since all his gray matter is vile cruelty, shit’s gonna happen — Mary Trump, his neice, said last night he will take losing way-way-personal: ‘“Oh, he’s in an uncontrollable rage, I would imagine…though it is never good to know that the person in the Oval Office is decompensating…And he is not going to get beyond that, and it’s going to be a very dangerous couple of months.”

And ponder onward…

(Illustration: M.C Escher’s ‘Scholastica,’ found here).

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