‘Slam dunk’ dupe

April 27, 2007

Driving the US into the Iraqi war was the now-known completly false claims Saddam Hussein was a horrible threat to the entire planet. In those heady days in the run-up to the war, the visions of mushroom clouds and Saddam marching hand-in-hand with Osama Bin Laden was played over and over and over. Dick Cheney, with that asshole-like, holier-than-thou, and why should you doubt look on his tender lips, kept the words flowing on the awful consequences of not getting rid of Saddam.

Enough to make a maggot gag.

And so on Thursday, the New York Times and from transcripts supplied off of CBS’ 60 Minutes, from a show to be aired this Sunday, former CIA Director George Tenet chewed ass. He claims, in his new book to be released Monday, At The Center Of The Storm, that the now-famous “slam dunk” quote was totally out of context. Just like a hundred dozen situations out of the Bush Black House, there were lies, pretended truths and just made up shit.

Tenet claims there never any “significant discussion” on the war. Of course, former intel chief at the Black House, Richard Clarke says Bush button-holed him on Sept. 12, 2001, and wanted to know if there was any connection to Iraq and the World Trade Center. Bush’s Black House was after Saddam from the very beginning.

Bush Black House spokesman, in this case Counselor Dan Bartlett retorted Friday that Tenet was not aware of the vast amount of pre-war debate going on, which left Bush with no other option but to “shock and awe” Iraq into a horrible stone age.

The plot gets thicker. On Friday, Rep. Henry Waxman has invited Tenet to appear before the House Committee on Oversight amd Government Reform to discuss the overall run-up to the war and whether there were any lying going on. Duh!

In a similar vein, Secretary of State Condolezza Rice will not honor a subpoeana issued by Waxman’s committee investigating the pre-war intel. Rice stated Thursday she will not testify in Congress over the whole Niger, false assertions that Iraq was trying to get nuclear fuel from Africa bullshit. Uncle Tom’s Condolezza Rice will answer questions in writing, not in person.

Condo needs a good slam dunk.

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