Red Storm Rising

May 10, 2007

As if Decider George hadn’t done enough carnage for a couple dozen adminstrations, now the policies he and his cohorts have concocted and implemented may finally whip-up some real-nasty dung.

Yesterday, Russia’s own Vadimir V. Putin (probably the perfect snicker last name, a name out of a Will Ferrell/Ben Stiller/early Woody Allen comedy) gave a speech commemerating the 62th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany and within that articulation, a comparsion of current US maneuverings with Hitler’s operation.

Putin (I can’t even think the name without a snicker) has chewed on the US the last six months, but not much emphasis was placed on it by most of the Western, mainstream press. In another speech Feb. 10 in Munich, he labeled the US foreign policy in pre-Berlin Wall, Cold War/Dr. Strangelove language: “One single center of power: One single center of force. One single center of decision making. This is the world of one master, one sovereign.”

Despite a supposedly ending to the cold war, Putin’s battle-commemoration speech Wednesday, sounded like a ‘new boss, same as the old boss’ routine. “Moreover, in our time these threats are not diminishing,’ he reportedly said, according to nytimes. com. “They are only transforming, changing the appearance. In these new threats, as during the time of the Third Reich, have the same contempt for human life and the same laws of exceptionality and diktat (authoritative and dogmatic statements) in the world.”

In the story on, the word “obliquely” was used to describe how Putin put the ID on the US – or indirectly. However, nothing but bad news on another front, a new front in a war from the ravaged towns in Kansas to the ravaged towns in Iraq.

Decider George is hands-down the worst president in the history of this republic, his adminstration the most incompetent, but yet the most arrogant group of people ever to come down America’s political pike.

Just take the revolving news today: Thursday, May 10

  • New information has come out about the White House witholding vital e-mails in the nasty, never-ending, slop-job of a scandal now called in some quarters as Attorneygate;
  • Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said the White House did discuss the firings of the eight (now nine) US attorneys by the Justice Department, a contradiction to earlier statements;
  • Reported that 11 GOP senators gave Decider George a dressing down on Tuesday on the war in Iraq and if things don’t change, they (the GOP) would not only lose the White House, but Congress and the entire freaking country and, above all, Decider George, all announcements about the Iraqi war should come from somewhere else besides the White House, the place has lost all creditability on the subject;
  • Near 40 percent of Americans approve of a Decider George impeachment;
  • Approval ratings down to 28 percent, more than two-thirds of Americans hate his freaking guts;
  • Ex-chief-of staff for ex-Secretary of State Colin Powell, Lawrence Wilkerson, claims the bad deeds of Wild Bill Clinton “pale in significance” to the “high crimes and misdemeanors” of Decider George and Dufus Dick Chaney;
  • Dufus Dick’s mid-week trip to Iraq a bust — Curses, shitfire, failed again — and didn’t really help the cause. While saysing “progress is being made,” a mortar round pops into Baghdad’s wonderful, safe-haven Green Zone. Whether of not he convinced the Iraqi parliamment not to take two-month vacation during the summer while US troops and civilians are being slaughtered is still in question;
  • Decider George on a talk with reporters in Greensburg, Kan., on Wednesday, wouldn’t respond to a question about the national Guard’s ability to handle emergencies due to men and equipment being squandered in Iraq – he paced away from the microphones without answering the question, obviously heard on television, like a smug, little boy whose hand was finally caught in the cookie jar.

Decider George and Dufus Dick better enjoy it while they freaking can.

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