Hypocrite Oath

June 18, 2007

Mankind has a combination fault present in the genes of everyone since the beginning: Either desire to quickly blame someone, or present a false cloak — a tendency toward the wide-mouthed defect of hypocrisy.

Bibical Adam blamed Eve, she in turn blamed the snake. They knew, however, the lure of the devil/snake gripped them both: Power! And they took of the forbidden tree. Not only did Adam and Eve lie, but they presented a sense of innocence. And back to our favorite hypocrite: Decider George.

A real-good reading on Decider George’s terms as president is the well-researched piece by David Michael Green posted last Friday at commondreams.org and aptly titled “What Every American Should Know About Iraq.” Not only does the article background the war itself, but delves into a complete examination of far-fetched and most-likely-criminal acts of the current administration. Although most of the information we here at Compatible Creatures already knew, the knowledge was kind of piecemeal, so Green’s presentation put the ugly picture together in one cohesive wad. A very-must read for everybody.

One aspect in the Green post discussed Decider George’s relationship with his daddy, former President George H.W. Bush, especially where it came to Iraq. Decider George decided daddy wasn’t the kind of daddy who could advise when it came to slaughtering people to gain some degree of power.

“You know, he is the wrong father to appeal to in terms of strength. There is a higher father that I appeal to. I’m driven with a mission from God…God would tell me, ‘George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq…’ And I did,” Decider George is quoted as saying.

Not only has Decider George lied about the entire Iraq operation, from the run-up to invasion to the current senseless, bloody “surge, he can also blame it on God: ‘George, go and end the tyranny…”

What a block of shit! He’s been eating acid and reading way-too-much Old Testament.

Only a well-versed hypocrite could mutter such tripe. As Americans are awaiting signs the War On Terror is being pounded into the deserts sands of Iraq, the reality is Decider George has indeed made the world a much-more dangerous place, giving Osama and his boys (and every other terrorist bunch no matter the religious stripe) the training and the desire.

While at home he’s building a tumbling block for law.

The Government Accountability Office in a report released today found that 30 percent of laws were not carried out when Decider George made use of an entitlement very-little-known to the general public, but very popular: “a presidential signing statement.” This a perk that has allowed presidents to not follow some laws handed down by Congress to the letter. This also a thing just about all presidents have used, some long before Decider George humped onto the scene. It’s used to nullify parts of the law deemed so by the president.

Many in Congress and elsewhere believe Decider George and his cronies have broken the law in continuously using the signing statements and he’s utilized more than any other administration.
A good look at the whole phenomenon is by John W. Dean, known of course, as a lawyer in Dick Nixon’s White House and who uttered the famous phrase, “There’s a cancer growing on the presidency.” Dean’s article appeared Jan. 13, 2006, at writ.news.finlaw.com.

According to Dean, Decider George used his right to signing statements more than 107 times in his first four years of office. In that grouping, according to Dean’s figures, were 505 constitutional challenges to various provision of congressional legislation.

Those numbers are from more than 18 months ago.

In the GAO report today, in looking at only 19 of those in 2006, a third of laws were not carried out by federal agencies.
Dean writes: “I find these signing statements are to Bush and Cheney’s presidency what steroids were to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body building.” It could make you look good, but could be harmful or fatal just a little further down the line.

In using signing statements, Decider George is a pretending to be something he’s not. He won’t make a public use of a veto for certain laws, but he’ll sure slip behind your back and whip out a few signing statements.

A hypocite by any other name is still a hypocrite. Decider George fully practices the wily art of tartuffery (Yes, Hannah, you’ll have to look up that one).

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