Muqtada’s Moment

August 23, 2007

And from the mouth of babes.

In a pop-up case for getting’ the shit out of Dodge, one angle opened this week for ending the horrifying escapade in Iraq. The problem, though, is Decider George’s inability to decipher right from wrong.

Popular Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has reportedly told a newspaper from the UK he would “support the UN if it comes and replaces the American and British occupiers.” An open plum of an invitation.

The remarks about the UN have practically gone unnoticed from the interview, published Monday by The Guardian, with the focus in the media al-Sadr’s words about Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
Al-Sadr, who looks like a thick-bearded, baby-faced Jack Black on Quaaludes, is quoted as putting a bad-mouthing on al-Maliki, claiming his days are numbered. (we here at Compatible Creatures, though wishing to be absolutely accurate as passable, tire easily from the continous use of “al” before names, i.e., al-Sadr, al-Maliki, so we will call them Muqtada and Nuri, respectively).

Although both are Shiites and have cooperated in various ways with each other the last couple of years, Muqtada broke with Nuri last April and pulled his five guys out of the Iraqi cabinet in protest when the prime minister wouldn’t set a timetable for the US to get the shit out of their country.

“Al-Maliki’s government will not survive because he has proven that he will not work with important elements of the Iraqi people,” Muqtada told the Guardian this week. “The prime minister is a tool for the Americans, and people see that clearly. It will probably be the Americans who decide to change him when they realize he has failed. We don’t have a democracy here, we have a foreign occupation.”

Muqtada is dead right about the Americans. Decider George, Demos and the like are calling for Nuri’s head. Democrat Carl Levin and Republican John Warner issued a joint statement that “time has run out” for the prime minister. And Decider George hisself, speaking Tuesday: “If the government doesn’t respond to the demands of the people, they will replace the government. That’s up to the Iraqis to make that decision, not American politicians.”

Yeah, right! Quick-witted Decider George back pedaled 24 hours later and during a speech at a VFW convention in Missouri, called Nuri a “good guy,” who just needs some time to get his shit right.

In that speech to the vets group, Decider George also waded into some deep, misguided historical shit in comparing leaving Iraq with the US departure from Vietnam and the killing fields he claims will occur once the Americans leave.

However, major problems there, asshole! Not that simple. And the shitheads who wrote the speech failed to mention “blowback.”
In a New York Times analysis piece today, the newspaper cites David C. Hendrickson, a specialist on the history of American foreign policy at Colorado College in Colorado Springs: “It is undoubtedly true that America’s failure in Vietnam led to catastrophic consequences in the region, especially in Cambodia, but there are a couple of further points that need weighing. One is that the Khmer Rouge would never have come to power in the absence of the war in Vietnam — this dark force arose out of the circumstances of the war, was in a deep sense created by the war. The same thing has happened in the Middle East today. Foreign occupation of Iraq has created far more terrorists than it has deterred.”

How does Decider George and his entire bunch of hardcase cowboys keep doing it? Do they seriously think the American public is going to buy this load of shit?

  • Just for damn instance: A compartment of the White House, entitled the White House Office of Administration, is the designated spot to place requests for material under the Freedom of Information Act. However, this week Decider George’s lawyers argued in court hoping to stop all those emails about fired US attorneys from being unearthed, claimed the before mentioned Office of Adminstration is not subject to the FOIA, so therefore…what?

Any US civics or history teacher worth his salt at all, in schools across this country, should be every day engaged in serious discussions and lessons about how this republic should be functioning, using Decider George and his gosh-awful acts as teaching aids.

Decider George heaved-up misleading nuggets from US history on a day a helicopter crash in Iraq was reported, killing all 14 US servicemen aboard and the latest National Intelligence Estimate, yeah, the famous NIE, was leaked to the press which noted military authorities in Iraq are worried about a possible “mini Tet” offensive from insurgents. The early 1968 series of attacks during Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, by Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops, though they were defeated and driven back, became a decisive turning point with the US public against the war.

This same NIE also reported Nuri is not the man for the job, although Decider George said last November when the two met in Jordan how truly Nuri was the man: The main man, the only man.

Yeah, right! In days past, people like Nuri — trying to not appear to be a “puppet” while being propped up by a US military — usually end up in some real-bad shit and are hanged, blown to bits or forced to make an extremely-quick flight from the country.

However, the media has seemingly failed to pick up on Muqtada’s remarks about the United Nations taking part in Iraq, and, the assurance his forces would assist the UN in bring some order to the chaos there in place of US and UK troops.

“If the UN comes here to truly help the Iraqi people, they will receive our help in their work. I would ask my followers to support the UN as long as it is here to help us rebuild our country,” Muqtada told the Guardian, adding an ominous note: “They must not just be another face of the American occupation.”

 Baby-faced Muqtada might have created a path to getting US kids out of Iraq.

Virtually unknown outside Iraq prior to the US invasion, Muqtada, believed to be in his early 30s, is widely popular with the Shiite masses and comes from a big-time Islamic religious family. Youngest son of Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Al-Sadr, assassinated in February 1999, reportedly by Saddam’s hit guys, he is also the nephew of Ayatollah Sayed Mohammed Baqir Al-Sadr, a co-founder in the late 1950s of the Islamic political movement in Iraq.

Young Moqtada has lately come into his own.

After the fall of Baghdad and in response to the apparent lack of any kind of guidance by the US, Muqtada formed his Mahdi Army militia, which also immediately started to distribute food to an enormous, slum area called Sadr City, but quickly came into direct conflict with US authorities.

Truth of the matter, the clash between the Mahdi army and US troops was to Muqtada just a seemingly necessary counter to the dumb-shit direction of Decider George’s dumb-shit people in control of Iraq just following the photogenic “shock and awe.” He has been tied with Iran and was believed to have been hiding there earlier this year, though he has denied it.

Muqtada is as much a political animal as his counterparts in the West (maybe not as heartless as the current US administration) and could bring about an organized, decent withdrawal of US troops out of Iraq.

The United Nations, which hasn’t been a factor since the August 2003 bombing of its headquarters in Baghdad, could return and be the focal point for engineering the change from US occupation to Iraqi control. Under UN auspices, the nightmare of two million misplace Iraqis refugees could also be dealt with and at least a small step forward could be taken.

And to add fuel to the UN engine: The unlikely French reversed course about Iraq this week and made it known they’d like to get involved with solving Decider George’s mess. The French could serve in number of capacities, from infrastructure rebuilding to public health.

A bloodbath aftermath? Most likely, but the Shiites and Sunnis are already wading around in a bloodbath and will have to play their horror story out even if the US stays for another 20 years.

 The big factor is how serious anyone else besides those souls here at Compatible Creatures take young Muqtada’s outstretched idea? Decider George? Duh! Of course not! He’s working his freakin’ ass off trying to keep the war going and is just a heartbeat away from bombing the livin’ shit out of Iran!
Get freakin’ serious.

We seize therefore upon a John Lennon phrase: ‘Give Muqtada A Chance’

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