Blackwater: ‘Ali Baba’ Alibi

September 26, 2007

Another brick in the wall!

Decider George has never, and the operative word here is never, had any sense. Due to his position, though, a bogus, senseless, self-serving and random mindset affects every asshole on the planet.

As if the situation on the ground in Iraq couldn’t get worse, on Sept. 16 apparently it did. A bunch of Iraqis were gunned down on a Baghdad street. No big news, nothing out of the ordinary on the lawless streets of Iraq nowadays, but this little firefight was different.
The shooters were a bunch of hired guns, a bunch of US hired guns.
According to news reports, anywhere from 20 to 11 Iraqi civilians were killed when some Blackwater USA security forces opened fire during a traffic jam on a Baghdad square. Witnesses said the Blackwater guys fired without purpose at anyone nearby, first blowing the shit out of a car moving too slow through the intersection, burning alive a couple and their daughter. One man told news agencies the mother and child had been melted together because of the intense heat.

Blackwater USA, headquartered in Moyock, N.C., is one of three “private sercurity firms” operating in Iraq — Dyncorp and Triple Canopy the other two. Blackwater, however, is by far the most notorious. In March 2004 four Blackwater guards were killed and burned by a mob in Fallujah, two of them hung on a bridge over the Euphrates River. The company says 25 of its employees had been killed since the invasion.
These security guys, mostly former US military special forces types, SEALs, Rangers and so forth, guard officials with the US governments, offer protection for convoys and do whatever else where armed muscle is needed. The pay is much, much higher than the regular US military.

Although they’d been warned, no one within Decider George’s planning department reckoned on the insurgent, chaotic shit-fit that would erupt after the “shock and awe” of the initial invasion had died away. In order to keep some kind of order, and the regular military was already stretched too thin, Decider George’s joke-in-charge, Paul L. Bremer, turned to a source outside the Pentagon.

The recent concept of “private security” — in a military sense, not in bodyguarding-a-Britney Spears kind of way — arose out of the 1980s ‘insurgent’ wars in Central America and elsewhere, but came onto it’s own in the 1990s with the need for more armed boots on the ground without dipping into the Department of Defense’s cannon fodder.
Out of these army-privatization schemes came one, Erik Prince, a former US Navy SEAL and a member of a very, very rich, right-winged and much-establishment family. In 1997, Prince created Blackwater USA and the rest is soldier-of-fortune history.
A big contributor to fundamentalist Christian and conservative causes, Prince is a wingnut one goose-step right of Hitler with the same leanings as Decider ‘I Cry on God’s shoulder’ George.

A couple of days before baby-chunks, cry-baby Bremer left Iraq, June 2004, he covered everybody’s physical ass: He issued Order 17, an edict which gave all the private bodyguards/thugs/Rambo wannabes — all contractors in country — immunity from Iraqi law. There are about 180,000 now in Iraq who work for private contractors, with most working in infrastructure rebuilding.

Despite all the nail-ghashing, the threats from the Iraqi government after its report established the Blackwater cowboys fired into the crowd that Sunday near two weeks ago without provocation, and the obvious hatred of the private security people from the Iraqis to US troops, the company is still working, guarding US officials. And still exempt from prosecution.

And those cowboys are disliked. In a story from the Associated Press this week: “This is a big mess that I don’t think anyone has their hands around yet,” one U.S. military official told the AP. “It’s not necessarily a bad thing these guys are being held accountable. Iraqis hate them, the troops don’t particularly care for them, and they tend to have a know-it-all attitude, which means they rarely listen to anyone — even the folks that patrol the ground on a daily basis.”
The average US grunt looks at the Blackwater cowboys with disdain — more and better equipment, much-higher pay and most of all, they don’t have to answer to anyone.

And the sonofabitches are being investigated for smuggling guns into Iraq! The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform wants to check out the bluster of giant asshole Howard Krongard, the US State Department’s Inspector General, amid charges he tried to waylay investigations into private firms doing business in Iraq. One of those charges includes Krongard’s attempt to block an inquiry into whether or not Blackwater illegally smuggled guns. What the cryin’ shit! What’s freaking worse? Smuggling guns or trying to cover up the smuggling of guns?

Blackwater is just typical of Decider George’s angle on Iraq: Put a freakin’ band-aid on an open, pulsating gut shot. The entire adventure in Iraq has been one major catastrophe after another with no freakin’ end in sight, next year, the year after, or for decades to come. Unless something drastic occurs, those kids just now just entering US elementary schools will fight and die in Iraq.
And all because of Decider George.

Even the threat of terror is a ruse. The war in Iraq is a war between countrymen, not terrorists. One post recently explained the reality of the hard-fact ground in Iraq, penned by a guy who knows. Phillip Martin, a US Marine serving his second tour in al-Anbar Province in Iraq, wrote an eye-opening, and a real-time essay on who he and his fellow marines are fighting. The piece was posted Sept. 19 at
Martin discusses the notion of the US being in Iraq to fight terrorism — the old stop ’em there, before they come over here routine — but that scenario is all bullshit.
“They become enemy combatants the moment they target other legal combatants,” Martin wrote. “You can call them insurgents, anti-Iraqi forces, anti-occupation forces, freedom fighters, or Ali Baba (our most easily translated term for bad guys), but ‘terrorist’ is not the correct term.”

As regular US troops start to view the Iraq war as a lie (like Martin), how horrible are their days, trying to stay alive, trying to accomplish something that, in reality, cannot be accomplished?
And Blackwater, strutting around untouchable, above the law. A kind of attitude Decider George and his crowd have assumed these last seven years — above the law, above the Constitution, beyond the reach of mere mortals — and with an incompetent, arrogant ability to completely fuck up everything they touch.

Ingredients for disaster for everyone on the planet.

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