‘The Leader’ Nose

October 2, 2007

President George W. Bush’s paranoid megalomania is so rampant that close friends and supporters worry about the man’s sanity and fear he has lost his tenuous grip on reality.”
                                    — Doug Thompson, www.capitolhillblue.com, June 1, 2007

Even as Decider George’s Gestapo, right wing, gun-nut-buddy Erik Prince testifies Tuesday on Capitol Hill in a Congressional inquiry into private security operations in Iraq, especially Prince’s own trigger-happy brute squad known as Blackwater USA, a dark, dangerous age has arrived: War/decay in never-ending, increasingly-intense cycles.

Prince Erik will no doubt continue the bullshit. This is a watershed period in history, not just for the US, but for the entire planet. And on the cutting edge of this unfolded piece of already-futurama is Decider George, who will soon force the world onto another level when he strikes at Iran.
On NPR this morning, Seymour Hersh, discussing his latest investigative piece in The New Yorker on the changed Iran strategy decided by Decider George. No longer aiming at nuclear shit, now they just want to bomb the hell out of some select ‘military’ tagets. The “justification” for a war with Iran will also be different.
Yesterday on MSNBC’s Countdown, Hersh said Decider George and his vice president, Dufus Dick Chaney, want the conflict with Iran, lusted after it above all else, including above US lives, and even the GOP.
Cheney and Bush don’t give a rats ass about the future of the Republican Party when it comes to this,” Hersh said.
When “surgical” airstrikes inside Iran start, everyday life for everyone on the globe will also transform downward, spiraling quickly.

And what about that dumb, jackboot John McCain? Last Saturday, the bloated-headed McCain told an online religious news site that the US should be led by a Christian.
I just have to say in all candor that since this nation was founded primarily on Christian principles, personally, I prefer someone who has a grounding in my faith,” McCain said. “…in all candor…?”

A ‘Christian’ nation led by a ‘Christian’? What have we had the past 220 years? And the ‘Christian’ now occupying the White House is a convolted, almost-surreal like nightmare could true.

During their darkest days, presidents have been known to depart reality — LBJ and his loathsome horror of Vietnam, Dick Nixon and his almost-comic stupidity of Watergate, and now Decider George. Reports surfaced this past summer of Decider George and his declining mind set. Mostly found online blogs and news sites. Stories of him pumping his chest and proclaiming aside to friends during some White House event, “I am the president. I am the president,” who is on such a God-directed course that even his successor cannot stop, or even modify.
Even being an asshole about it. An item earlier this year: During a White House party for all the newly-elected Congress people (most of them Democrats), Decider George asked Sen. Jim Webb how his son, who was then in Iraq, was doing there. Webb said his son would probably like to come home. Decider George’s retort: “I didn’t ask you that. I asked how he was doing?”

Yesterday, the US Senate okayed a $648 billion defense policy bill. The act keeps Decider George and his wars alive and kicking. There’s just no stopping the sonofabitch. Members of Congress should be tarred-and-feathered, run-out-of-town-on-a-fence-post and otherwise treated with absolute disdain.
On the campaign trail last week, the Demos running for Decider George’s job couldn’t make a comment about getting US troops out of Iraq, even with empty-campaign promises, before 2013, after their first term. 2013? Sounds like a Predator, Aliens movie.

And speaking of how a leader who leads knows all the facts: Woody Allen’s really-funny 1973 movie, Sleeper, depicted a US 200 years in the future (now at about 135 years) as a brutal, authoritarian state led by a FDR-like ‘The Leader,’ seen only on late-night TV. Although highly-dated — references abound of early-1970s pop culture, from Howard Cosell to Playboy magazine — the film plays uncanningly well today with Decider George and his ilk.
In the movie, the general public is unaware a fire months earlier had destroyed The Leader except for his nose, a living bit of organism that could be used to clone The Leader back into his full decider self.
Allen and his cohort, Diane Keaton (of who some here at Compatible Creatures from this film first developed an intense, intellectual and physical-longing crush — information which has absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand, but put forth only as ‘deep background’), through all kinds of adventures, become part of an insurgent-rebellion and stop government scientists from cloning The Leader.

Return to Decider George and 2007: No stopping the process here! This sleeper of a lie has no happy ending.
No control from Congress, no influence of polls and public opinion, no humility, no real sense of good and bad. No care or concept of the horror unleashed.

It’s not what the leader knows, but instead the putrid, abhorrent odor in the nose of those nearby.

Silly, but not really cute or funny at all!

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