‘Greatest minds’ Support The Troops!

October 10, 2007

Just when one thinks all the worst aspects of the US military system has been revealed, here comes another.

Even with the well-documented horror about equipment, body armor, and prolonged tours in war zones, the medical ‘don’t-give-a-shit’ care exploding from Walter Reed and just about every other military hospital, the recruitment of anyone who can breathe, the near 4,000 dead, near-30,000 wounded, there comes an additional story that insists Decider George and his warmongering dogs really don’t care.

From CNN this morning:
The 2600 members of a Minnesota National Guard unit that returned from Iraq in July after serving there longer than any other ground combat unit were shocked to be told that their total time overseas of 729 days was one day short of the number needed to be eligible for expanded educational benefits under the GI Bill.”

Not only do US troops have to fight and die in an illegal, horrific war, but the US government, which screams ‘Support The Troops!’ and maligns anyone as soft on terrorism who objects to being in Iraq (and not slobbering about bombing the nuclear shit out of Iran), in a real, true, physical sense, do not support, nor care about the soldiers. This entire scenario from Afghanistan to Iraq to Iran is a complete, cold-hearted lie.
While Decider George slowly (maybe not so slowly) goes insane and his lackey boys keep picking at the festered wound of Al-Qaeda, the victims least mentioned are US troops.
They enter battle with probably the worst weapon is the world, the Vietnam-era piece of shit, the M-16, which can malfunction at the slighest inconvenience, while the enemy totes around the insurgent-resistent AK-47, so simple, so easy to use, even a child can easily rattle off rounds.

In the GI bill misadventure, one can tell these gonads running the military — the top dog here is the “commander-in-chief” Decider George — are so incompetent and are so riddled with corruption they could not find their ass with both hands.

As CNN continues:
Lieut. Col. Darryl Darden at the Pentagon said: “We know there has been an injustice and we have put together a process … to seek redress for this bureaucratic mixup. … We believe that by January 8 they should be able to receive their benefits.”
When asked again why the soldiers couldn’t receive the money now, when they need it for their college expenses, and why the orders can’t be fixed without each case being reviewed individually, Darden insisted, “You’ve got some of the greatest minds up here working the issue. … The best course of action is for each one of these soldiers to go through this board.”

Darden has to be one sarcastic sonofabitch! ‘Greatest minds’ You have to be shitting on us and claiming it’s freakin’ rain!

These so-called greatest minds don’t care just as Decider George don’t care.

Support the troops by bringing all of them home this afternoon!

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