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December 1, 2007

“I’d really like to have him (Michael Chertoff) spend some time with us telling us why he thinks you’re qualified for the job, because based on the resume I don’t think you are.”
— Sen. George Voinovich during confirmation hearings for Julie Myers, 9/15/05

Meyers was never confirmed by the full Senate for directorship of the second-largest federal investigative agency after the FBI — Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Decider George made her a “recess appointment” in January 2006 thereby circumventing any more congressional hearings.

Myers is not only just incompetent, but the latest flash from a long line of inept, bungling morons Decider George has put in place the last six years. Details on the latest tale came out last week when it was disclosed Myers also used a phony news reporter during her first press conference in early 2006. Fielding questions, she’d called on one of her staff members who was standing amidst a group of legit journalists.Â
Of course, we all remember with national pride FEMA’s full-scale use of Myer’s tactic in October during California’s wildfires. Instead of just one dinky newshound, FEMA went full throttle and faked an entire news conference, filling the halls with FEMA employees posing as reporters.
And to make matters worse, it was announced this week two FEMA dipwads involved with that mess, Cindy Taylor and Mike Widomski, have received promotions. Reward for good work, guys!

As for Myers: She has trouble understanding the backstory for African-Americans. Her husband of two years, John Woods, is the current US Attorney for the Western District of Missouri and former chief of staff for Homeland Security head nutcase, Michael Chertoff. She is the niece of Richard Myers, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and one of the early mouthpieces for how well the Iraq war was going.
He told ABC’s Good Morning America in June 2005: “…So, overall number of incidents are down. Lethality, as you mentioned, is up…I think what’s causing it is a realization that Iraq is marching inevitably toward democracy.”
This statement, coupled with Dufus Dick Chaney’s now infamous, false and dumb-ass remark a couple days earlier on CNN’s “Larry King Live” that the Iraqi insurgency was in its “…last throes, if you will..,” allows one to consider where Julie Myers gets the balls to be arrogantly stupid. And, carry that let-them-eat-cake attitude highly-prevalent among Decider George’s bunch of socially-thoughtless appointees.

In January of this year, Decider George re-nominated Myers for her job. This time around, though, the process could get a bit sticky. Last Halloween, Myers hosted a party of ICE employees, handing out prizes for best costumes. The winner of the “most original costume” was a guy partied up to be a nasty-looking African-American — prison stripes, dreadlocks and in blackface — pulling out all the stops for racist caricature. She even posed for a couple of photographs with the winner.
A damn-good time had by all!
However, other ICE employee, apparently with good hearts, or at least with some sense of social grace, complained about the costume. The shit then hit the old fan.
The costume winner was suspended from work, one of the photographs from the party disappeared and Myers eventually had to publicly apologize for the whole mess. The Senate has put Myers’ confirmation process “on hold.”

Officially titled as Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Myers is in a position to do great harm. In fact, the entire Homeland Security department should scare the living shit out of every one of the US peoples.

Myers and others of her ilk are laying the groundwork for a catastrophic incident which would make 9/11 seem like a cake walk. And the incompetence is mulitplied by Decider George hisself.
Just this morning, a leaked document dated Nov. 26. 2007, to the Associated Press reports the White House wants to cut by half counterterrorism funds for police, firefighters and rescue departments.
Original budget had $3.2 billion going to local counterterrorism agencies, but Decider George wants to slash the amount to $1.4 billion. California alone would lose $200 million.

A shitload of billions for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan can short change homeland security. On top of that, the miserable failure of Afghanistan is creating a higher-rate killing ground for US troops than Iraq.

Secure in US dollars. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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