December 12, 2007

Hypocrisy in war is worse-case scenerio for horror.

In this Decider George’s terrifying war on terror (root of the word, “war”: wers from Indo-European, “to confuse, mix up”) nothing says shit better than the old boots on the ground.

On Monday, an US Army hearing officer advised that 1st Lt. Elizabeth Whiteside should not be court-martialed for breaking down under stress, including attempting suicide, while serving in Iraq.
According to The Washington Post:

  • The 25-year-old reservist, who led a small unit of medics based at the prison where Saddam Hussein and other top Iraqi figures were kept, suffered a mental breakdown on Jan. 1, possibly triggered by the stresses of war. An Army investigation also later found that her executive officer created a hostile work environment.

Not only being a reservist in a surreal, dangerous, twilight-zone environment, Whiteside’s boss apparently was an asshole, adding to the continued deathly chaos. And can you believe it: ..”possibly triggered by the stresses of war.”


The US military has a mental health/suicide epidemic on its hand due to the botched butchery in Iraq and Afghanistan. Media reports indicate 6,256 US veterans (of all wars) took their lives in 2005 — an average of 17 a day — while of the 3,888 military deaths in Iraq since 2003, there’s 2.4 suicides a day.
The US Deapartment of Defense mental health system is innudated. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, in a report last month, among the 88,000 US GIs back from Iraq, 20 percent of all active duty soldiers, and 40 percent of all reservists were found on screenings to have a such mental health problems that they required treatment.

And what did tough-guy Decider George have to say? “Bring ’em on!”

And The Washington Post story continued:

  • Once at Walter Reed, Whiteside was diagnosed with a severe mental disorder. The Army offered her a chance to resign under a status that would have given her no Army or veterans medical benefits. Whiteside’s seven years in the Army has been exemplary, according to her evaluations.
    An Army sanity board found her insane at the time of the shootings (Whiteside’s Iraqi episode). Whiteside’s commanders at Walter Reed, who first filed criminal charges against her, derided her psychological diagnosis and problems as “an excuse” for her actions. The Army prosecutor in the case, Maj. Stefan Wolfe, had warned Whiteside’s lawyer of the risk of using a “psychobabble” defense.

The heart of the so-called “psychobabble” comes from Decider George, blubbering in a well-set-up lie about World War III and Iran while crowing about supporting US troops in his created Middle Eastern inferno.

One false sonofabitch.

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