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May 27, 2008

Just a couple of news items that caught our eye this morning:

  • I think there is so much that is disturbing in the documents, the fact that they lied to us to begin with — and you know, when you are lied to and you see discrepancies, it just makes you more concerned and confused and outraged. And at every turn we just kept finding new pieces of information that made it seem there was huge deception and cover-up. So I feel it’s very important to find out who’s accountable for the cover-up.
    At this point I think most of the evidence is gone. It’s been four years, and these soldiers (the ones who shot Tillman) are young, they were in a stress situation. I think it’s horrific they were so negligent, but I think if there’s some kind of consequence, it should have happened early on. I think putting them through that at this point — I don’t think Pat would have wanted that. But for these men in positions of authority and power to willfully deceive the public and cover up and use a young man for propaganda is outrageous, and I think they should be held accountable.

    alternet.com, (5/26/08)

This is just part of an interview with Mary Tillman, mother of Pat Tillman, killed in Afghanistan by “friendly fire.”
The trouble was the Pentagon lied about the whole thing — first saying Pat Tillman died in a heroic charge, then finally spilling the truth.
He might have been murdered.

And the second item (also via alternet.com):

  • The invasion of Iraq by Britain and the US has trebled the price of oil, according to a leading expert, costing the world a staggering $6 trillion in higher energy prices alone.
    The oil economist Dr Mamdouh Salameh, who advises both the World Bank and the UN Industrial Development Organisation (Unido), told The Independent on Sunday that the price of oil would now be no more than $40 a barrel, less than a third of the record $135 a barrel reached last week, if it had not been for the Iraq war.

    — Geoffrey Lean, The Independent, (5/27/08)

A couple of examples of Decider George’s legacy.

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