McCain as Honcho

August 28, 2008

As we bask in the happy-rhetoric of the DNC, just consider a Jackboot John McCain presidency — maybe one shouldn’t willingly do such a thing.
It’s the stuff of horror fiction.
A good comment/view on this affrightful apparition comes from investigative journalist Robert Perry over at
Perry envisions rightly so a picture of some terrible times for the US and the world.
A couple of snippets on the consequence of Jackboot’s nut-case warmongering:

  • The combined price tag for McCain’s military adventures, at a time when the federal government is already running about half a trillion dollars in debt, would mean that virtually every other national priority would have to be short-changed or neglected.
    There will be little money left to address the energy crisis, global warming, retooling the auto industry, health care, Social Security, education, infrastructure repairs, etc., etc.

Perry’s piece can also be seen at (and hats off to) AlterNet.

Whether Barack Obama is the man of the hour is yet to be seen.
The alternative, however, is to welcome a nightmare.

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