Hangin’ de Legacy — Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

December 8, 2008

Karl and George: Still up to no good.
Now they’re on an exploding PR exit-strategy bandwagon to try and purify Decider George’s putrid near-eight years in office.

(Illustration found here).

In the closing days of a crime scene government that’s been without doubt the most corrupt and incompetent in US history, not to mention one of the most murderous, there’s a flurry of action in an attempt to keep reality from putting a bunch of assholes in jail — retelling the lie over and over until it sticks on the walls of time.

There’s even a framed painting to convey the majesty of the lie.
In an unveiling last week of a Decider George portrait:

  • “Welcome to my hanging,” Bush said, drawing laughs from the well-dressed audience in The Union League’s ornate hall.
    The portrait shows Bush staring straight ahead, looking comfortable but not quiet smiling, against the backdrop of the White House’s Treaty Room.
    The siting took place in March, when artist Mark Carder took hundreds of photographs to capture details, such as Bush’s skin color.
    The president put his hands on his hips and eyed the painting when it was unveiled, as if to judge whether Carder got it right.
    “He did a really fine job with a challenging subject,” Bush said.

A challenging subject indeed, Decider George has remonstrated the blubbering ‘what me worry?’ motif in a series of interview’s on the cascading “Bush legacy project” headed by none other than good, old Karl.

  • On Tuesday, Stephen Hayes, a conservative columnist and analyst for CNN, revealed that George Bush and Karl Rove have launched a new propaganda campaign with the monumental goal of rewriting the history of the past eight years.
    The newspeak title of the enterprise is the “Bush legacy project”
    The campaign rolled out this week, first in an “exit interview” Bush gave Charlie Gibson of ABC News and then in an Oxford-style debate in Manhattan in which Rove argued against the proposition that “Bush 43 Is the Worst President of the Last 50 Years.”
    In the separate venues, both men attempted to reposition Bush’s role in the invasion of Iraq from resolute war president, as he depicted himself at the time, to a reluctant warrior who was misled by bad intelligence into making what many analysts rate as the worst military decision in U.S. history.

(h/t to BradBlog).
And Karl to run the operation?
Why not, he’s obsessed: From the book, Bush’s Brain:”

  • In a joking admission, Rove said his pursuit of the presidency for George W. began almost from the onset of his own consciousness.
    After sharing the Karen Hughes’ poll story with Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute during a seminar in Washington, Rove was asked when he first began to seriously think about a presidendential campaign.
    “December 25, 1950,” he answered.
    The day he was born.

Despite this, Karl was/is/and always will be the lips of Decider George’s ass.
And how horribly ironic the problem with these clowns is “intelligence.”
In the Gibson interview:

  • GIBSON: You’ve always said there’s no do-overs as President. If you had one?
    BUSH: I don’t know — the biggest regret of all the presidency has to have been the intelligence failure in Iraq.

And Karl at a debate last week:

  • “No. In the aftermath of 9/11 the concern was about a tyrant guilty of enormous human rights abuses, but possessed with weapons of mass destruction and an intention to use them as a state sponsor of terror.
    Absent that, I suspect the administration’s course would have been to work to find more creative ways to constrain him than he’d been constrained in the nineties.”
    — Karl Rove in response to the question of whether Bush would’ve went to war with Iraq if he knew there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The truth known now, however, tells another story.
Numerous sources, including the now-infamous Downing Street memo and this, along with this, and even this.

Karl and his soul, Decider George, are lying in wait to lie.
The horror is that the somofabitches will most-likely walk.

From the above BradBlog entry:

  • Unfortunately, this strategy is likely to work. American memories are famously short, for one thing, and, for another, propagandizing is something Bush actually does well.
    But mainly Bush will succeed in reframing his presidency because no serious efforts are in the works to investigate, much less litigate, his record of misdeeds and misjudgments.
    With no official investigative findings or verdict hanging over his head, and using his $500 million “freedom institute” in Dallas as a platform, Bush is free to spend the rest of his life reinventing his record and recasting his role in its disasters as Victim-in-Chief.
    In fact, the only thing that stands in the way of the Bush legacy project is the same force that hobbled his administration in its second term: the legions of ever-vigilant truth-squadders out there, armed with the facts.

Shame, shame!

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