December 19, 2008

bush shoe During the daily US State Department press briefing Thursday, Sean McCormack said the infamous shoe-throwing incident last weekend will be eclipsed by other more-important shit 50 years from now.

An image, though, for pure foolish failure: A shoe-gram for the last eight years.
(Illustration found here).

Also a pure snapshot of twisted, historical logic. (h/t: ThinkProgress).

  • McCormack: Well, look, you guys make decisions about what you cover.
    I suspect — just a guess — that three, four, five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years from now that the fact of the President making that visit under those circumstances will probably overshadow any memory of this particular gentleman and what he did.
    Q: That’s a pretty – that’s a pretty interesting prediction.
    McCormack: Come back to me in 50 years; we can talk about it.
    Q: Would you care to bet? (Laughter.)
    McCormack: Try and collect on it 50 years from now. (Laughter.)

Although Muntadar al-Zaidi’s attempt to knock Decider George out of the box is really, really funny, the actual reality of the man and the entire Iraq affair is way-more than deadly serious.
And we’re not talking about 50 years from now, but in the right here and now.
In a Pew Research survey published Thursday nailed Decider George with shoe-leathered distaste:

  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) say his administration will be remembered more for its failures than its accomplishments, and a plurality (34%) says Bush will go down in history as a poor president.
    Fully 68% say they disapprove of Bush’s performance and most of those — 53% of the public — say they disapprove strongly.
    That is the highest rate of strong disapproval measured by Pew surveys in Bush’s eight years in office.

If one looks hard at the stills/video of the shoe incident, Decider George and Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki appear like a couple of Marx Brothers, or a couple of dudes involved in a Laurel and Hardy routine, while at the same time, the whole episode seems a dream, not really happening, and Decider George isn’t ducking, and then ducking again — that flat, dumb-ass expression on his face — and we wait for the little, ‘That’s All Folks,’ to end an eight-year horror-tune.
If the one shit fits, try the other for size.

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