Hang ‘Em, Hang ‘Em High

January 1, 2009

As one of the most-bizarre and just-plain-weird years comes to a close and a new 12-month cycle just cranks off, I’ve gotten this really-bad feeling about Decider George and all the horrible, immoral, illegal shit he’s done — he’ll just ride off into the sunset scot-ass free.
That’s just so wrong.

bush art
(Illustration found here).

The only way to real change, is to show the world the change.
The past is part of the present, and if one forgets the past, the future is doomed to repeat it — and then there’s the pure fact of crime and more crime.
And one mustn’t forget this media/war-circus either.

President-Elect Obama has some serious choices to consider in the next few weeks; one of those damn-well better be okaying a truth commission into the twisted, mean-ass shit Decider George and his perp-walk bunch have perpetrated the last eight years.
This afternoon, Daily Kos has a good note on the subject — getting the incoming administration to appoint maybe someone like Patrick Fitzgerald to head an independent investigation into war crimes, such as torture, rendition, etc.
People will have to make it so — read the Daily Kos piece, or the original at The Nation — and visit Change.gov, site of Obama’s still-untested “Open Government” concept.

Make it happen.

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