Birthday Shoe

January 17, 2009

As Decider George gets ready to leave, there’s nothing better than to send his ass flying out the door.
shoe toon Although still in jail, Iraqi shoe bomber Muntadhar al-Zeidi turned 30 on Thursday:

  • “Muntadhar was in a good shape … and his morale was high. Yesterday was his birthday and some patriotic officers there organized a party for him and brought birthday cake,” Dhargham al-Zeidi said.

A hero in Iraq and across the Mid East — the shoe tossing at Decider George last month was intended as an insult, and it worked.

(Illustration found here).

The brother, Dhargham al-Zeidi, also told news agencies that although Muntadhar was roughed up a bit during the scuffle, the injuries have all but disappeared and he’s suddenly found himself an icon of sorts.

  • “Some officers told him that half of the Iraqis were against him.
    But he was very happy when he heard that all the Iraqis support him.
    He even cried when he heard that there were demonstrations on his behalf even in the United States,” Dhargham al-Zeidi said.

    The journalist is currently being held alone in a comfortable room with a bed and a TV set, his brother said. “He is being visited frequently by doctors. The food is very good,” the brother added.
    Al-Zeidi stood by his attack on Bush. He stressed that he meant no offense to the Iraqi prime minister but didn’t want to miss his chance to send Bush a message, the brother said.
    “He said he could not wait until al-Maliki left the room to throw his shoes because then Bush would also leave and that historic opportunity would be lost,” he said.
    Muntadhar al-Zeidi actually feared he would be killed by guards after throwing his shoes and read his last prayers before going to the news conference, his brother said.
    “So for him it does not matter for how long he would be imprisoned,” his brother said, “because the important thing is that he restored the honor of the Iraqi people.”

What the US must do now is try and restore the honor of the US people.

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