Laugh and Cry

January 31, 2009

palin Lists of top good and bad appear near or at the end of each year, and usually bear witness to how crappy things are, or how how even-more crappy things are.

This week, The Buffalo Beast presented a list of the 50 most-loathsome people in America for 2008 — and it doesn’t leave out President Obama (he’s #50), noting “There’s nothing more loathsome than a likable politician.”

And the list also includes “You” dear reader, average American, listed at #43: “You are shallow, inconsiderate, afraid, brand-conscious, sedentary, and totally self-obsessed. You are American.”

(Illustration found here).

And the Numero Uno of loathsome people from last year?
Yes! Sarah Palin:

  • Palin’s unending emissions of baffling, evasive incoherence should have disqualified her for any position that involved a desk, let alone placing her one erratic heartbeat from the presidency.

Palin should be sentenced to “Hand-to-hand combat with Vladimir Putin and a pack of wolves.”

A great list and a very funny, good read — there’s all kinds of assholes between Obama and Palin, like the Clintons (#18); Joe the Plumber (#20); Keith Olbermann (#37); even the recently-departed John Updike (#38), charged with “Being foolishly wrong about absolutely everything for about a thousand years and counting. Getting rich applying faux gilt, and guilt, to the dull, pointless, overstuffed lives of New Yorker readers.”

I guess there’s no one good when everywhere you look it’s all bad.
(h/t to AlterNet).

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