Yes! Yes! Hate and Anger!

March 19, 2009

Gail Collins, who writes for the New York Times editorial pages, has penned a right-on, nail-’em-to-the-wall piece this morning on the AIG/banking/finance clusterf**k of a freakin’ mess.
Collins is way-pissed:

Angry. So very, very angry. Unable to speak due to mega-anger washing over every pore and fiber of my being. Anger is in. (Hope’s so … January.)
I am extremely angry at Tim Geithner for being such a baby that he couldn’t scare a bunch of American International Group quants into forgoing their bonuses.
We need a Treasury secretary so terrifying that if you were stuck in an elevator alone with him, you would just automatically hand over your wallet and credit cards.

I hate everybody in the world of finance. Also accountants, since it’s tax time.
And I’m totally angry at everybody in Congress for trying to pretend that they’re angrier than I am. Like Senator Chuck Grassley saying the A.I.G. execs should follow the Japanese model and “resign or go commit suicide.”
Took him about three seconds to backtrack. “Inteligent journalist can’t recgnize rhetoric,” Grassley twittered.

Let’s complain about Barack Obama. Why doesn’t he sound angrier? Doesn’t he understand that his job right now is to be the Great Venter?
Sure he keeps saying he’s mad. But you can tell that he secretly thinks it’s crazy to obsess about $165 million in bonuses in a company that’s still got $1.6 trillion in toxic assets to unravel.
“I don’t want to quell that anger. I want to channel our anger in a constructive way,” he said on Wednesday.
Everybody knows constructively channeled anger doesn’t really count. It’s like diet pizza.

Read Collins entire venting post here.

Obama tried to keep it moving, taking the ‘buck-stops-here’ routine yesterday in California, however, in “fixing these messes, even if I didn’t make them,” and “Now, I know a lot of you are outraged about this — rightfully so. I’m outraged too.”

Then kick some ass! Mr. President.

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