Relentless Unrepentant Dick

May 8, 2009

 Less than 20 percent of  US peoples even like the guy, but Dick Cheney has nothing else to do but grimace in public, and apparently, will  continue to grimace:

“For a while there was this talk out there that we ought to cut these guys some slack and that they shouldn’t be criticized in the early days of their administration,” he said.
“I haven’t, obviously, spent a lot of time operating according to that proposition.”

The man has some serious lip-snarl problems.

Cheney’s radio interview Thursday from Fargo, ND, also included the admission that waterboarding (torture) works, despite evidence to the contrary:

“Well, I don’t believe that’s true.
That assumes that we didn’t try other ways, and in fact we did.
We resorted, for example, to waterboarding, which is the source of much of the controversy…with only three individuals.
In those cases, it was only after we’d gone through all the other steps of the process.
The way the whole program was set up was very careful, to use other methods and only to resort to something like the enhanced techniques in those special circumstances.”

What about this Dick-face:

United States interrogators killed nearly four dozen detainees during or after their interrogations, according a report published by a human rights researcher based on a Human Rights First report and followup investigations.
In all, 98 detainees have died while in US hands.
Thirty-four homicides have been identified, with at least eight detainees — and as many as 12 — having been tortured to death, according to a 2006 Human Rights First report that underwrites the researcher’s posting.
The causes of 48 more deaths remain uncertain.

A couple of torturing turds in 1975.

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