Iran a-Twitter

June 19, 2009

SOS (same-old-shit) — blame outside influences, but this time with a twist.

Instead of the standard Great Satan of the US, it’s the UK:

In his speech during Friday prayers, Khamenei played on the historic suspicions many Iranians have of Britain by hinting at its involvement in the demonstrations and describing it as “the most evil” of foreign powers.

Western countries were “hungry wolves ambushing us and removing the diplomatic cover from their faces. Do not neglect these people,” he warned.

(Illustration found here).

Iran’s head honcho had to divert attention away from the Twittering green — and silent — revolution in his own backyard as tons of Iranians have poured in that country’s city streets this past week.

Best two sites to keep up with the Iranian situation: Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish and Nico Pitney at HuffPost.
And with Khamenei’s turn-about-speech this morning, the situation with all those people in the streets will be very interesting and most-likely very deadly.

Only time will tell.

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