‘Let Me Do The Talkin’ Lois’

July 16, 2009

I didn’t think the Emmys had the grapes — not like that time they nominated Vince Edwards: He’s just a damn doctor, Jim.

(Illustration found here).

Who said Seth MacFarlane is imbecilic? Go ahead, you homo, tell me and I’ll trim his toenails with an axe.
A nomination for Best Comedy was heaped upon Family Guy this morning, the first nod to an animated series since The Flintstones in 1961, and proves the axiom that if you waterboard an entire country long enough, they will admit to an affair in Buenos Aires (or as we like to say: Bone the Heiress).
Not funny, but I’m in control of this blog.

Now all we have to do is juju the competition:
“Entourage” — nothing but lying, scheming, and Washington, DC, no, Hollywood (what’s the difference) and it’s got that turd-knockin’ cry baby, Jeremy Piven.
“The Flight of the Conchords” — never seen it, but it’s gotta suck!
“How I met Your Mother” — nasty.
“The Office” — just a room full of losers scratching out a living hawking paper products, what’s the humor in that we ask you? (Not you, asshole! We’re talking to those geeks over in the far corner).
“30 Rock” — Very funny and I’m going to marry Tina (“I can see Russia from my house“) Fey when I grow up, but the show just can’t carry the weight of Peter Griffin battling a giant rooster, or Stewie wearing a Nazi uniform displaying a McCain/Palin sticker.
“Weeds” — Dude, I live in Humboldt County, California, what the shit? Gemma back my freakin’ bong!

And if only Antiques Roadshow can win Outstanding Reality Program — that would be better than nailin’ Lois Griffin after a J Geils concert.

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