Bubba’s ‘lovely thing’

August 6, 2009

Bill Clinton hasn’t ever meant much to me, other than being a greasy political animal with bad taste, thus seemingly just an inadvertent knuckle-head.

(Illustration found here).

This past week, however, the old bubba-boy seemed to have pulled off a neat turn-of-the-hand, if the appearance is true, by bringing two US journalists home after they’d been sentenced to 12 years of hard labor for “illegal entry” into North Korea.
He even used a private jet of rich bubba-friend, Hollywood producer Stephen Bing, to make the trip to Pyongyang and back — this might be Clinton’s best moment yet.

The story has drama and a wondrous finale.
In public Thursday, Clinton had to fend off the politics, but conveyed the seemingly essence of the “private humanitarian mission.”
In the last graphs of the Washington Post story on the press conference:

Clinton described a “deeply emotional” first encounter with Lee and Ling. He said they were “delightful” on the trip home to Los Angeles by private plane, so happy and excited they couldn’t sleep. Lee talked frequently about being reunited with her young daughter, he said.
The two journalists ate huevos rancheros for breakfast when the private plane stopped at an American base in Japan, Clinton said, and were careful to measure their food intake because they had been on a radically different diet for almost five months.
“It was basically a lovely thing,” he said.

On this one, the bubba-boy put a lot of feathers in a lot of people’s hats, including his own.

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