Forever Dying

October 1, 2010

Insane or not: Why would the US shackle itself to a place that’s been called the, ‘graveyard of empires,’ and where most of the world’s heroin has its birth?
Or as Marie asked: “Uh, he went out the window. Why would someone do that?”

Yes, why indeed.
So why with all the shit, would bullet Bob Gates blubber this out last May: “We’re not leaving Afghanistan prematurely,” Gates finally said. “In fact, we’re not ever leaving at all.”

In August, Gates retorted himself: “We’ll have completed the surge. We’ll have done the assessment in December. And it seems like somewhere there in 2011 is a logical opportunity to hand off.”
And King David Petraeus also shitting out his face: “You have to recognize also that I don’t think you win this war. I think you keep fighting. It’s a little bit like Iraq, actually. . . . Yes, there has been enormous progress in Iraq. But there are still horrific attacks in Iraq, and you have to stay vigilant. You have to stay after it. This is the kind of fight we’re in for the rest of our lives and probably our kids’ lives.”

(Illustration found here).

And while these assholes blubber and lie and stall and backbite, young US peoples and Afghan peoples of all ages are dying, being blown apart, and just not living.

Despite President Obama insistence the US will hand-off the war to the Afghan government next July, he told Rolling Stone magazine, “[I]t’s going to take us several years to work through this issue.”

And the dying is forever:

2010 is already the deadliest year of the Afghan war for U.S. forces. So far, 354 U.S. troops have been killed in Afghanistan this year compared to 303 in 2009, which was the second deadliest year of the war.
A total of 650 U.S. troops troops have been killed in Afghanistan since President Barack Obama was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2010, after campaigning for president vowing to shift the focus of U.S. military efforts overseas from Iraq to Afghanistan.
The 650 U.S. casualties in Afghanistan since Obama’s inauguration equal almost 54 percent of all U.S. casualties for the entire duration of the war.
Given that Obama has been president for 618 days, U.S. troops have been dying in Afghanistan at a rate of more than one a day since he took over as commander in chief.

And apparently the killing will continue forever.

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