Krugman at 4 AM — Cry-Baby Diddler

December 13, 2010

This country is in a mess, so tangled in foreign conflicts and so twisted in domestic economic terror there may be no way home.
And one of the major reasons: The lying, nasty-faced GOP.

Last year, the new speaker of the US House, John Boehner — The Boner to his pals — lied through his cry-baby teeth about no jobs for his state of Ohio off President Obama’s much-maligned stimulus package.
However, The Ohio Department of Transportation has OK’d 52 stimulus-funded road and bridge projects at a cost of nearly $84 million.
And The Boner’s response to his fibbing: He wasn’t bullshitting because the whole process was so “absurdly slow moving” he thought nothing was happening.

(Illustration found here

The Boner is so bogus-emo — a phony sad-eyed guy.
From Capitol Hill Blue:

From the day he arrived, Boehner made it clear that our lobbyists wouldn’t get past his receptionists until we wrote out checks for the maximum amounts allowed and that if we wanted consideration for our legisaltive initiatives, those checks had better keep coming.
He demanded invitations to Realtor conventions at locations where he could play golf.
Boehner cares more for golf than he does for the needs of his constituents.
In 2009, his campaign fund spent $82,998 for golf outings for himself and his cronies.
This is the man who will be the new Speaker of the House.
He’s a slimeball and a typical, corrupt, money-grubbing politician.
In other words, he’s a crook.

And this the guy on CBS’ “60 Minutes” last night putting on a performance so dumb-ass, so shameless, so ‘Tootsie‘-over-the-top portrayal of a silly-faced teen-age girl blubbering about some clothes malfunction.
Via HuffPost:

The interview spends some time examining “the sob heard ’round the world” from Boehner’s speech after last month’s midterm elections.
“I think you probably found out by now, I’m a pretty emotional guy,” he reflected.
“There’s just some things that trigger real emotions.
I was trying to talk about the fact that I’ve been chasing the American Dream my whole career.” Boehner started to well up again.
The future Speaker had trouble speaking at other points in the interview, too. “I don’t take myself very seriously, but I take what I do very seriously,” he said before choking up another time. “Making sure that these kids have a shot at the American Dream like I did is important.”
Stahl tried to comfort him: “I want to hold your hand!”

What the shit, Leslie Stahl?
Stahl used to be a fairly-decent journalist, but now is just another MSM queen.
She should have bitch-slapped The Boner across the face — get a grip, you freakin’ fuck!
You’re supposed to be the new speaker of the damn-freakin’ US House of Representatives, not a female freshman from ‘Clueless.’

What makes The Boner so sickening is the obstructive lies from him and his GOP cronies, the very set of asshole shitheads who ran the US into the very marrow of the ground — supporting horrible foreign wars and shoddy, self-centered economic policies at home.

Paul Krugman in his Monday post at the New York Times examines the recent tax bra-ha-ha Obama put together with the GOP — a plan that’s sweet and sour.

The root of our current troubles lies in the debt American families ran up during the Bush-era housing bubble. Twenty years ago, the average American household’s debt was 83 percent of its income; by a decade ago, that had crept up to 92 percent; but by late 2007, debts were 130 percent of income.
All this borrowing took place both because banks had abandoned any notion of sound lending and because everyone assumed that house prices would never fall. And then the bubble burst.

The actual stimulus in the (the Obama-McConnell tax deal) plan comes from the other measures, mainly unemployment benefits and the payroll tax break.
And these measures (a) won’t make more than a modest dent in unemployment and (b) will fade out quickly, with the good stuff going away at the end of 2011.
The question, then, is whether a year of modestly better performance is worth $850 billion in additional debt, plus a significantly raised probability that those tax cuts for the rich will become permanent. And I say no.
The Obama team obviously disagrees.
As I understand it, the administration believes that all it needs is a little more time and money, that any day now the economic engine will catch and we’ll be on the road back to prosperity.
I hope it’s right, but I don’t think it is.
What I expect, instead, is that we’ll be having this same conversation all over again in 2012, with unemployment still high and the economy suffering as the good parts of the current deal go away.
The White House may think it has struck a good bargain, but I believe it’s in for a rude shock.

And all US peoples will have left is The Boner slobbering like a school girl.

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