Dodged the Bullet — Once Again

December 19, 2010

A bit of news not played up here in the US: Former Vice President Dick Cheney, known to his friends as just, The Dick, will skate on bribery charges brought forth by Nigeria — The Dick and Halliburton, the company he CEOed for five years before moving on to public service, had been charged with giving $180 million in bribes to Nigerian officials to secure a natural gas project in the Niger Delta.
Reportedly, Halliburton ponied up $250 million in fines to Nigeria to keep The Dick and company out of jail.

Kellogg, Brown and Root, known to its friends as KBR — once a Halliburton subsidiary — admitted in the US last year to the bribery charges and paid a $579 million settlement.

(Illustration found here).

Although the charges were dropped, there’s not much happiness.
Some wanted The Dick to make a perp walk.
From the Guardian:

Campaigners in the Niger delta expressed disappointment at the plea bargain.
Celestine AkpoBari, programme officer at Social Action Nigeria, said: “I would have loved to see Dick Cheney in chains in our court and facing justice in our prisons. That would have been a very big point that would have lifted Nigeria out of its woes.”
Kentebe Ebiaridor, a project assistant at Environment Rights Action, suggested that Bush and Baker took part to protect America’s huge oil interests in the region.
“They are trying not to jeopardise the relationship,” he said. “But if Dick Cheney is guilty, he should be brought to book.”

The Dick only deserves it.

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