Danger Man

January 14, 2011

As the US comes to grips with the plain idea that we’re a gun-wielding, dangerous society, and despite all the comfy talk about “civility,” from President Obama to Rep. John ‘The Boner’ Boehner, the culture created this past decade will not allow it.

Hilarious — Horse walks into a bar, bartender asks: “Why the long face?

Horror talk from the wing-nuttery side of our padded room won’t bring much laughter — one GOP nut wants a law to allow guns onto the floor of the US House of Representatives, while another seeks rules NOT to permit guns within 1,000 feet of members of Congress.

Funny or what?

(Illustration: A young, dangerous dork found here).

Guns are as much a part of US history as the Mayflower and Ben Franklin.
Maybe the problem with the proliferation of firearms is that we have taken way too long to do anything about it and those with the biggest mouth can keep the ammunition dry and ready.
Even as the smoke clears in front of a Tucson Safeway, the big-lipped right wing are still screamng to “Take your stinking paws off my M-16, you damned dirty ape!

And despite the Tucson horror guns-R-US: “I believe, as Americans have believed since the American founding, that firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens make communities safer, not less safe,” said Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) in an interview. “And I understand the human impulse us to look for blame. Heartache does that. But no expressed opinion and no public policy created what happened on Saturday last.”

And even worse creepy…
In spite of the guns and nasty-faced hypocrisy, Townhall, the right-wing magazine, has IDed the Top 50 Most Dangerous Liberals in the U.S., starting with financier George Soros at number one.
From an e-mail sent out recently from Townhall, via Suburban Guerrilla:

Every conservative knows that liberals are working hard every day to recreate this country in their own image, tarnishing our great history and the hard-working people who live here.
While some of the faces of the Left are too clownish to be taken seriously (see Keith Olbermann) others shy away from the limelight in order to push their agenda from behind a veil.
Those people are some of the most dangerous liberals that threaten our way of life.
Not to take away from some of the more obvious liberals, like the Barack Obamas and the Barney Franks of the world, there are many who push the leftwing radical agenda.

And down at #28 on the list — Jon Stewart.
Via TPM:

Political satirist Jon Stewart’s tongue is acid-tipped.
His popular “Daily Show” program regularly slays elected officials for hypocrisy and self-importance, derides political buffoonery and skewers media excesses.
More often than not, it’s bitingly hilarious and decidedly Left-leaning: a potent combination.

While acting as a formidable political opinion maker, Stewart inoculates himself against serious criticism by playing the “I’m just a comedian” card.

(Illustration of grown-up
Danger Man found here).

And the reason Stewart is so popular among the young set: The MSM is not worth a shit.

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