Backwards Back-Stabbing: ‘Keep the ball rolling’

March 1, 2011

What the shit is the US doing, thinking?
Even after nearly a decade on the ground in Afghanistan, the war there has gone beyond insane.

(Illustration found here).

Warfare should have at least some semblance of sense, though, the horror of it stretches one’s mind, but the main objective, one would think, would be to defeat the enemy.
Apparently, the sink-bog operation in Afghanistan has gotten so out-of-hand, so unwinnable, the nit-wits, dim-wits and other assorted twits running the show have so twisted the conflict, the situation has horrifyingly become a kind of vicious circle, never to end.

From Pakistan’s The News:

American, Nato and Afghan forces in Afghanistan are seriously worried of the heightened activities of the Taliban.
To save themselves, they are engaged in unsoldierly businesses.
Now the US and NATO forces are in deals with warlords and Taliban to keep them dormant, thus indirectly funding the Taliban fighting potential.
A well-placed Afghan official, based in Kabul, has startling disclosures about the underhand deals and concessions offered to Taliban in various provinces of Afghanistan.
The US and NATO are fighting Taliban freedom fighters on one hand but at the same time paying huge amount of cash and weapons to Taliban to buy local safety and safe passages.

This outcome is then portrayed at international level as an operational success of the US and NATO.
In December 2009, the US Congress in a wide-ranging probe confirmed that private security companies, hired to protect defence convoys in Afghanistan, were paying off Taliban and warlords for safe passage.
This remains a testimony about the US and NATO double standards; paying for local securities being unable to cover their operational vulnerabilities with all their air power and military might.
Out of operational compulsions US and NATO are in fact feeding the Taliban and warlords to use the same money to perpetuate their activities, or in other words “keep the ball rolling.”

And the bodies pile up.
Along with an ever-increasing number of civilian deaths, six NATO troops were killed this weekend (none known to be US GIs).

In the obvious face of disaster, back off.

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