Female Flies In The Ointment

March 21, 2011

In observation, however, it’s not flies in the ointment that really matters, but worms in the can, which once opened, spews forth something way ugly, slimy and gross.
And this little adventure now ongoing in Libya has all the makings of one nasty can.

Hillary Clinton begs to differ: As international forces launched attacks against Libya on Saturday, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton struck a tone highly unusual in the annals of American military interventions: humility.
“We did not lead this,” she told reporters.

What’s this ‘we‘ shit — Hillary, you French?

(Illustration found here).

Despite Hillary’s lying lips, an opening round Saturday of 110 Tomahawk missiles fired by US submarines, and  the US position as stated by a US Pentagon spokesman: “We are on the leading edge of a coalition military operation.”
And NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski via Salon: “Despite the White House attempts to make this look like it’s a huge coalition effort — obviously it required coalition political support — but for now the U.S. military is not only in the lead but conducting almost all military operations, with only minor participation from the French, as you mentioned, even British fighters over night. There’s a U.S. commander. And even this morning I talked to senior military officials, when I asked them how soon will the U.S. turn over the command to the coalition — and the indication is the U.S. military is in no hurry to do that.”
Ah, ha!

Women warmongers, what can a way-over-thinking man to do?
From Robert Dreyfuss at The Nation:

We’d like to think that women in power would somehow be less pro-war, but in the Obama administration at least it appears that the bellicosity is worst among Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Power.

Unless President Obama’s better instincts manage to reign in his warrior women — and happily, there’s a chance of that — the United States could find itself engaged in open war in Libya, and soon.
The troika pushed Obama into accepting the demands of neoconservatives, such as Joe Lieberman, John McCain and The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol, along with various other liberal interventionists outside the administration, such as John Kerry.
They rode roughshod over the realists in the administration.

Even Politico tossed its ‘boys vs girls‘ motif in the ring, citing NBC’s Andrea Mitchell: In the end, it became the women foreign policy advisers against the men. Although Hillary Clinton initially resisted the idea of a no-fly zone, she was persuaded at the beginning of this week by the Arab League’s endorsement of military action. And she had intense meetings with the Arab League leaders and a Libyan opposition leader this week. She … joined U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and two other women in the National Security Council [senior directors Samantha Power and Gayle Smith], who’ve been arguing for some time for more aggressive action.

Except, of course, Hillary apparently got punked by the Arab League.
They were for the intervention, then changed their minds once it became apparent this was no ordinary ‘no-fly zone’ operation, but a full-scale military intrusion with regime change as its end (despite the cry that Gadhafi was not the intended target).

Read a further analysis of this feminine-fighting mystic angle by Justin Raimondo at antiwar.com.

In only two days, the operation in Libya has all the makings of a bad-ass can of worms with a most-likely endgame of US troops on the ground there, despite all the blubberings out of Washington.
And the big result already for US peoples (and the world’s peoples) is the price of oil has spiked $2 a barrel: Oil prices surged more than $2 a barrel in electronic trading Monday after coalition forces launched an attack on Libyan military targets on Saturday. The benchmark U.S. contract, West Texas Intermediate, gained $2.11 to $103.18 a barrel for April delivery. The more active May contract jumped $2.21 to $104.06 a barrel.

Two days ago, I shoveled out $4.15-a-gallon for regular up here in northern California.
Not flies in the ointment, or even worms in the can — bullshit in the gas tank.

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