Politics of the Absurd

May 12, 2011

The US is saved — Newt Gingrich has announced yet another White House bid.

“Oh, that probably means he’s also in the market for a new wife.
It’d be great if you could put a good word in for me.
I’m disease free.”
— One American Voice, The Onion

The early field of Republican candidates for president next year is way-more than pathetic, it’s real-bad ass ugly.
In fact, the GOP debate among nit-twitted total losers last week has been compared to the famous bar scene in “Star Wars:” At times the dialogue sounded like a faltering attempt at interplanetary communication.
All those dumb asses would need are big snouts, and a bug-looking band playing Taps.

Where is Chuck Hagel when the GOP really needs someone not an idiot?

When is a newt not a newt?

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