Climate-nator Terminated

May 20, 2011

What’s love got to do with it, do with it?
And what’s up with all these high-profile people doing the nasty in a most-outrageous and public way, turning the manly phrase, ‘gettin’ a little,’ into a big wave of shame.

Maybe one can understand the French, seemingly always ready for a little touchy-feely; shit, stuff like that seems to be part of their national heritage, but rape — dude, no matter your homeland, use some damn control and put that french fry back in your drawers.

Hot-sauce financier Dominique Strauss-Kahn is set to be released on bond today — he’s been indicted on seven criminal charges: two counts of criminal sexual act; two counts of sexual abuse; and one count each of attempt to commit rape, unlawful imprisonment and forcible touching.
That last one is more-than ugly — asshole!

What’s up with all this sexual tomfoolery?
Gail Collins in her New York Times column this week says the problem might be the far-right side of a un-zipped fly.
The meat:

Which brings us to sex.
What is it with Republicans lately?
Is there something about being a leader of the family-values party that makes you want to go out and commit adultery?
They certainly don’t have a lock on the infidelity market, and heaven knows we all remember John Edwards. But, lately, the G.O.P. has shown a genius for putting a peculiar, newsworthy spin on illicit sex.
A married congressman hunting for babes is bad.
A married congressman hunting for babes by posting a half-naked photo of himself on the Internet is Republican.
A married governor who fathers an illegitimate child is awful.
A married governor who fathers an illegitimate child by a staff member of the family home and then fails to mention it to his wife for more than 10 years is Republican.
A married senator who has an affair with an employee is a jerk.
A married senator who has an affair with an employee who is the wife of his chief of staff, and whose adultery is the subject of ongoing discussion at his Congressional prayer group, is Republican.

Of course, the ‘married governor‘ mentioned above is my own former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who opened a can of tasteless worms this week when he announced he’d fathered a child via the household help.
And he kept the whole thing a secret for more than a decade.
Maria has cut and run, slamming the door hard with a panel of divorce lawyers — no one can blame her, except Fox News.
And Arnold’s new movie career has also been put on hold while events play out — what a shitty mess.

The big loser here, however, is climate change.
Despite all the bullshit, Arnold was a climate change go-to-guy, and I hadn’t really given much thought about what he’d accomplished during his tenure until I ran across this piece in Rolling Stone, which served up a nasty reminder that there are few such people around these days.
The money graph:

So if we’re going to get all moral about Arnold, how about adding this to the mix: when it came to advancing the cause of clean energy and climate change awareness during his eight years as governor of California, Schwarzeneger made every other politician — including President Obama — look like a girly-man. Schwarzenegger made energy and climate issues his number one priority during his eight years in office, and although he didn’t kow-tow to environmental dogma, he also never flinched from a fight with Big Oil and Big Coal.
More important, he was the one politician in America who most clearly understood that dealing with climate change is the greatest challenge we face as a civilization.
And he had no patience for anti-scientific morons and Tea Bagger denialsim.
During a recent talk, Schwarzenegger compared the current debate on whether or not humans are causing global climate change to the old debate about the merits of bodybuilding:
“People literally believed that bodybuilding would make you musclebound, stupid, narcissistic, and gay.”

Shame on shame.

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