Fake for Real — And We’re Better Off Because of It

June 6, 2011

Someone asked why I invited Jon Stewart to be the first guest on the Journal’s premiere in 2007.
“Because Mark Twain isn’t available,” I answered.
I was serious.
Like Twain, Stewart has proven that truth is more digestible when it’s marinated in humor.
– Bill Moyers

A sad state of journalism when its top program and its most-popular individual is a fake — I’m not faking it though, when I laugh my ass off at Stewart and company’s take on the horrid events of our time.

(Illustration found here).

Moyers was on Stewart’s show last week and they discussed that 2007 interview, while concluding the current situation with US journalism is shitty at best, and near-criminal at worst.
And the bottom line, Moyers says: “a lot of news organizations no longer do much reporting.”

However, who gets the last, real laugh?

TV viewers ain’t faking it, though.
From Raw Story:

Comedy Central and “The Daily Show” both surged in the May Nielsen ratings, posting their best numbers yet. “The Daily Show” dominated its time slot across all of television, cable and broadcast, and boasted a very impressive 19 percent increase in viewership in May alone.
Meanwhile, according to Mediabistro’s TV Newser, Fox News suffered an overall decline in viewers in the highly sought-after 25-to-54-year old demographic for May, with total ratings down 10 percent.
Bill O’Reilly’s viewership dropped 9 percent, Sean Hannity’s 6 percent, with Greta Van Susteren and Glenn Beck suffering the steepest losses with Van Susteren’s “On the Record” losing 12 percent of its audience and Glenn Beck sliding a whopping 17 percent.

The new Nielsen numbers show that “The Daily Show” averaged 2.3 million viewers, beating every program on Fox except Bill O’Reilly’s average of 2.8 million.
“The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” beat all other cable and broadcast programming in a number of categories, including having the most affluent viewers and the most active web-sties.

The story also points out the drop in the ratings for fringe, bat-shit crazy ranters off the right wing: Some of the fall-off in Beck’s numbers may be attributable to the fact that his show is going off the air, but it has been a consistent loser in the ratings for several months. The drop in public interest is echoed in ratings for radio shows hosted by Beck and Rush Limbaugh, which have each lost a third of their listenership in the last year, according to the radio polling group Arbitron.
US peoples are apparently getting sick and tired of all the bullshit.

And what do the all those figures mean?
From tvbythenumbers: For the month of May 2011, “The Daily Show” averaged 2.3 million total viewers and a 1.2 P18-49 rating. Versus May 2010, “The Daily Show” grew an astounding +19% in total viewers, with incredible double-digit ratings growth across all key demos including P18-49 (up +21%), P18-34 (+22%), P18-24 (+21%), M18-34 (+18%) and M18-24 (+21%).
One just can’t beat that, and it is an indication not only how well the Daily Show is performing, but also how shitty every other media outlet is doing.

And Fox News not only sucks at journalism, but the organization is obviously plain, dumb-ass stupid.
In a story this weekend on Sarah Palin’s latest adventures, and to illustrate the segment, the Fox graphics department showed a photo of Tina Fey imitating the former Republican vice presidential candidate in 2008.
A news organization that’s not really a news organization using a illustration of an actress faking a display of a presidential candidate that’s really not a presidential candidate.

Well, gosh, darn, that is so not Paul Revere.

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